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The newsletters continue into 1940. This issue features a column of memories of old-time movies by Michael Maltese (in which he speculates about a feature length cartoon of Peter Pan); confirmation that Kay Kyser himself did his voice in Africa Squeaks; and bios of painter Edith Edgar and test cameraman & cel washer Roger Jones.

Original cel of Kay Kyser from “Africa Squeaks” – courtesy of Cartoon Research reader Ian

In this issue, the editors of The Exposure Sheet pin their Oscar hopes on Detouring America; Chuck Jones has an appendectomy; More movie trivia via Mike Maltese; and a column of biographical tidbits (Bobe Cannon hates his nickname; Ken Champin worked in a cemetery, etc.).

Since its mentioned here – Does anyone have a copy of “Mother Goostep and Other Nertzery Rhymes” by Danny Weaver and illustrated by Bob Givens?

“Ali-Baba Bound” was released right around the same time as these newsletters.


  • Of course Disney was about to plan for a feature-length adaption of “Peter Pan” around this time. However, when the war came to America, the plan was put on hold until after the war and the film wasn’t completed till the early ’50’s.

    Can’t wait for the secret DVD news!

  • Don’t tell anyone, or you’ll end up like this guy:

  • Could this secret DVD be some of my favorite cartoons from my favorite studio?

    • Mmmmmmm… Could be!

    • FINALLY!

  • It’s very telling that Mike Maltese’s strengths as a writer of such rich comedy gained his influence from silent comedies from the 1910s and 1920s. The names mentioned here are notable to many sil-com film buffs today, but it’s fascinating to have Maltese reminisce about them this early in the era, well before James Agee’s LIFE article “Comedy’s Greatest Era,” published in 1949, even if it’s only just a small glimpse.

  • How will I sleep tonight without knowing what the new DVD/Blu-Ray could be? It is paramount that I learn about this ASAP!

    • Try to get some shuteye first. Then you can pop out of bed tomorrow and see what it is.

  • Oh, I’d love to know what Michael Maltese has to say on film history and, yes, I’m sure that some of that goes back to the silent era. Oh, and Jerry, you *KNOW* that I want to hear about some classic animation DVD news. I have my Holy Grails, but I know I can only wish that the studio in question would put that much time and money into that kind of product! I keep holding out hope, though. There is still so much there to be mined. Whatever the news, I will be eager to pick up my copy!

  • yes tell me I want more cartoons

  • Nice to have proof that really WAS “Cake Icer” in AFRICA SQUEAKS. I’m popping with excitement over the new DVD.

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