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Disney Productions

The Art of Disney

General Disney Studies

Walt Disney

Notable Artists & Individuals at Disney

Culture and Disney/Disney Music

History and Disney

Industry and the Disney Corporate and Studio Structure

Pixar Productions

Pixar General Studies/20th Century Animation and 20th Television Animation


DreamWorks Productions

Nickelodeon General Studies/The Art of Nickelodeon

The Art of Warner Animation Group/Warner Bros. General Studies

Hanna-Barbera General Studies/The Art of Cartoon Network Studios/The Art of Williams Street Productions

The Art of Sony Pictures Entertainment/The Art of Columbia Pictures/The Art of MGM Studios/The Art of Netflix

The Art of Aardman Animations/The Art of Baobab Studios/The Art of Blue Sky Studios/The Art of Cartoon Saloon/The Art of Frederator Studios/The Art of Illumination/The Art of LAIKA

Reference Books


Multi-Volume Series


Animation General Studies

Computer Generated Animation History

Stop-Motion Animation and Puppetry/Aesthetics, Abstraction, and Experimental Animation/Genre


Culture/Saturday Mornings/Religion, Spirituality and Ethics/Environment

Voice Acting, Foley, Music and Sound/Storyboarding and Production

Individual Studios, Artists, and Figureheads

Individual Series and Movies

The Art of Individual Artists and Single Topics



Guides and Reference Books

General Anime Studies


Hayao Miyazaki and the Work of Studio Ghibli/The Art of Studio Ghibli

Individual Movies, Series, Studios, and Notable Artists/The Art of Anime


World Animation History

Juvenile Literature

Comic Books & Manga/Periodicals/Academic Journals





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