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In creating this bibliography there is a conscious effort to include any and all publications on the subject of animation; regardless of communal and scholarly reputation. If a title was available in North America and in English, it is included.

Titles are separated into groups of similar topics. These categorizations are but lines in the sand, meant for the reader to peruse easier and they are not meant to be taken as a definitive judgment of a book’s contents. Some titles could have been placed in more than one category, but they were only listed once. In the case of multiple authors, the authors are alphabetized by last name. In the cases of titles that are compendiums of articles by many authors, the editor(s) of the work is listed. In the case of periodicals, either the founder of the publication or the first Editor-in-Chief is listed.

An additional book listed under a title indicate a change in book name, but not content.

eBooks, Audiobooks, and Books on Media are included as proof of existence. However, due to the many different digital platforms available for downloading, as well as the creation and dissolvement of  contractual timed exclusives, additional information made available is limited to release date, publisher, and Narrator (If applicable). It is up to the reader to discover current availability on the platforms and in the formats of your preferred choice.

Publications are written in the following format:

Author’s Last Name, First Name. Additional Authors Alphabetically (If present). Title of Publication. Type of Binding and Edition. Publisher. Year Published. ISBN10: XXXXXXXXXX. ISBN-13: XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Additional Editions (If Applicable). Publisher. Year Published. ISBN-10: XXXXXXXXXX. ISBN-13: XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

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Disney Productions

The Art of Disney

General Disney Studies

Walt Disney

Notable Artists & Individuals at Disney/The Mickey Mouse Club

Culture and Disney/Diversity, Gender Studies, and Disney/Disney Musicians and Music

History and Disney

Industry and the Disney Corporate and Studio Structure

Disney Theme Park General Studies/Disneyland/Disney World/Disneyland Paris


Pixar Productions

Pixar General Studies/20th Century Animation and 20th Television Animation

DreamWorks General Studies/DreamWorks Productions

Nickelodeon General Studies/The Art of Nickelodeon

The Art of Warner Animation Group/Warner Bros. General Studies

The Art of Hanna-Barbera and Hanna-Barbera General Studies/The Art of Cartoon Network Studios/The Art of Williams Street Productions

The Art of Sony Pictures Entertainment/The Art of Columbia Pictures/The Art of MGM Studios/The Art of Netflix

The Art of Aardman Animations/The Art of Baobab Studios/The Art of Blue Sky Studios/The Art of Cartoon Saloon/The Art of Frederator Studios/The Art of Illumination/The Art of LAIKA/The Art of Skydance Animation



Multi-Volume Series


Animation General Studies

Computer Generated Animation History

Stop-Motion Animation and Puppetry/Aesthetics, Abstraction, and Experimental Animation/Genre


Culture/Saturday Mornings/Religion, Spirituality and Ethics/Environment

Voice Acting, Foley, Music and Sound/Storyboarding and Production

Individual Studios, Artists, and Figureheads

Individual Series and Movies

The Art of Individual Artists and Single Topics/Cookbooks/Collectible Animation Advertising and the Second-Hand Market


Anime Guides and Reference Books

General Anime Studies

The Anime Industry/Anime History

Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli/The Art of Studio Ghibli

Notable Anime Movies, Series, Studios, and Artists/The Art of Anime/Anime Music and Sound

World Animation History

Juvenile Literature

Comic Books & Manga/Periodicals/Academic Journals/Fiction


Podcasts and Vodcasts


Updated: June 1, 2023


Gurren Lagann Archives by Gainax – June 6, 2023

The History and Theory of Cut-Out Animation: From J. Stuart Blackton to South Park by Dan Torre – June 15, 2023

Part of the Magic: A Collection of Disney-Inspired Brushes with Greatness by Bambi Moé– June 15, 2023

The Art of the Cuphead Show by Deeki Deke – June 27, 2023

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movie By Ramin Zahed – July 3, 2023

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Visual Companion by David Bossert – July 4, 2023

Animated Mischief: Essays on Subversiveness in Cartoons Since 1987 by Brian N. Duchaney and David S. Silverman – August 8, 2023

Animation in Germany by Rolf Giesen – August 24, 2023

Artists in the Americas: Talents of Tomorrow in Manga, Game and Animation by Pixiv – September 2023

Drawing 100 Years of Disney Wonder: A Retrospective Collection of Artwork Featuring Iconic Disney Characters from the Past 100 Years by Jim Fanning and Andreas Deja – September 5, 2023

Sylvain Chomet’s Distinctive Animation: From The Triplets of Belleville to The Illusionist (Animation: Key Films/Filmmakers) by Maria Katsaridou – September 7, 2023

Anime: A History (Second Edition) by Jonathan Clements – September 11, 2023

Worlds to Conquer: The Art & Making of Walt Disney’s Fantasia by J.B. Kaufman – October 2023

The Art of Wish by Disney – October 2023

Anime Through the Looking Glass: Treasures of Japanese Animation by Nathalie Bittinger – October 3, 2023

Invisible Digital: What Animation and Games Tell Us about Software and Digital Culture
by Aylish Wood – October 5, 2023

The Art of DreamWork’s Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken by Iain R. Morris – October 31, 2023

Writing for Animation: What Goes on Behind (Closed) Studio Doors by Rob Edwards – December 2023

Politically Animated: Non-fiction Animation from the Hispanic World by Jennifer Nagtegaal – December 2023

Invisible Digital: What Animation and Games Tell Us About Software and Digital Culture by Aylish Wood– February 8, 2024