The Animation History Bibliography 42

Podcasts and Vodcasts

Animation Focused

Aswad, Stacey J. Duran, Chuck. VO Buzz Weekly. World Digital Studios. 2012-Present.

Bancroft, Tom. Bancroft, Tony. The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast. 2014-Present.

Beck, Jerry. Cartoons in Stereo. Produced by Marlena Bond. 2013-2018.

Carozza, Kyle A. Sienkowki, Luke. Kyle and Luke: Talk about Toons. 2013-Present.

Crawford, Jeff. Crawford, Michael. The Progress City Radio Hour. 2010-Present.

DiGenova, Andy. Fagan, Hunter. Lyons, Michael. Dis-Order: Every Disney Film.  2017-Present.

Frey, Holly. Drawn: The Story of Animation. HowStuffWorks and Cartoon Network. 2018.

Hartland, Willy. The Dope Sheet. 2021-2022.

Hester, Julian. What’s In My Head Podcast! 2020-Present.

Hopkins, Scott. Lyons, Michael. From Pencils to Pixels: The Animation Celebration Podcast. Real Fans 4 Real Movies. 2022-Present.

Ibele, Terry. Animation Industry Podcast. 2018-Present.

Jaques, Bob. Komorowski, Thad. Cartoon Logic. 2019-Present.

Kotorac, Anthony. Anthony’s Animation Talk. 2020-Present.

Lammin, Daniel. Ink & Paint: A Journey Through the Disney Animated Classics. SWITCH. 2020-2022.

Lish & Kirbs. Scenario D. 2021-Present.

MacKinnon, Carla. Scott-Hawkins, Alys. Widdowson, Alex. AnimatedDocumentary. 2022-Present.

Mitchell, Brian. Cartoonerific! Classic Animated Cartoons. 2022-Present.

Pause and Select Book Club.

Nachman, Brett. Notably Disney. 2019-Present.

Pierce, Todd James. Disney History Institute Podcast. Disney History Institute. 2013-Present.

Navarro, Hector. Nickelodeon Animation Podcast. Viacom International Inc. 2016-2017.

Paulsen, Rob. Talkin’ Toons. Tech Jove Network – 2013-2015. Nerdist Industries – 2017-2019.

Pruitt, Ned. Tindol, Russell. Never Ending Adventure: An Adventure Time Podcast. 2021-Present.

Summers PhD, Sam. Disniversity Podcast. 2020-Present.

Various. WD-FM: The Official Walt Disney Family Museum Podcast. The Walt Disney Family Museum. 2019-Present.

Varney, Janet. Basco, Dante. Avatar: Braving the Elements. iHeartPodcasts and Nickelodeon. 2021-Present.

Wrecker, Ryan. Animation Cel Talk. 2022-Present.

Yowp, Don. Yowpcast. -Present.

Contains Animation Focused Episodes

Arnold, Mark. Fun Ideas Podcast. 2018-Present.

Battle Mike. Red Carpet Rookies. 2020-Present.

Farrah, Mike. Marcello, Joe. Phillips, Dren. Dollar Bin Bandits: A Comic Book Interview Podcast. 2021-Present.

Holliday, Chris. Sergeant, Alex. Fantasy/Animation Podcast. 2019-Present.

Kasich, Lauren. Animation Kimmunication. 2020-Present.

Millard, Tim. The Extras. Otaku Media, Inc.  2021-Present.

Shostak, Stu. Stu’s Show. 2006-Present.

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