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Pilsner Pranks: More Spots with Beer


We feature a lot of commercials about beer in our classic animated advertising posts. Why is that? It’s because in the golden age of television commercials there were a Hell of a lot of them. Some claim to be the driest beer. Others claim to be the lightest. Still others claim to have the smallest bubbles. None claim to be the one that gets you blitzed the fastest. Of course cartoon animals love beer, and we will be showing a few of those too. So sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy this fine selection of premium plugs.

Carling Black Label

Directed by John Hubley. Animated by Rod Scribner and C. L. Hartman.

National Beer

For this and the next few spots we will spotlight films about cute or semi-cute animals selling beer. In this one you get an entire marching band.

Gunthers Beer

Directed by Paul Fennell. Some of Clarence Wheeler’s music can be heard in the background, but it was probably lifted from one of Fennell’s industrial films.

Schlitz Tall Boy

With the voices of Paul Frees and Daws Butler. Marvin Miller can also be heard at the end of the second spot. From Playhouse Pictures. 1956.

Hamms Bowling

Animated by Ed Love.

Old Pro Punt

Featuring the voice of Eddie Mayehoff. Animated by Herman Cohen. From Playhouse Pictures. 1956.

Stag Magoo Contest

From UPA. Featuring Jim Backus. Animated by Gil Turner and Rudy Larriva. 1959.


  • what was the antique car that was being given away, what was the winning name, and who won it?

  • Who produced the National Beer spots?

  • Mike:
    Liked all the spots.The regional ones (National,Gunther) were especially interesting . They all had great jingles,too!

  • Here’s a fun one with with a zingy jingle:

    Don’t know the credits. Never even heard of the beer before.

  • Paul Fennell knew to put the animation where it did the most good.

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