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A Festival Of Advertising Fun

That’s right gang, it’s another no-theme day at Cartoon Research. Please enjoy this hastily assembled compendium of colossal clips.


Standard Oil

Here’s a couple of excerpts from a sales film produced by Jerry Fairbanks for the Standard Oil company. The film was live action with animation and featured a carbon atom voiced by famed Jack Benny announcer Don Wilson. The close-ups of the atom were animated by Manny Gould, one of the real giants of the cartoon world.

In today’s era where most commercial directors are afraid to let a scene run on for longer than eighteen frames, it’s amazing that the first scene of the atom runs for about forty-five seconds. Fans of Mr. Benny will also noticed the reference to the Sportsmen Quartet at the end. If you haven’t seen them before, here they are in action…

Campbell’s Scotch Broth

A nifty spot for thrifty soup. Animated by Don Towsley.

Lenny’s Clam Bar

One of those marvelous local spots, who’s origins are a mystery to me. Thanks to Milton Knight for bringing this one to my attention.

Old Pro – Teetering Rock U

Eddie Mayehoff returns as the Old Pro. Animated by Bill Littlejohn. From 1958.

Navy – College Grads

Paul Frees and Herschel Bernardi have taken beatnick lessons in preparation for this Navy recruiting spot. Produced by Playhouse Pictures in 1956.



  • MK-

    The Lenny’s spot is a “mini-masterpiece” all its own! You should do a post for all local and regional spots!

    • Anything to get “Here Dawg, c’mon Dawg, me and Dog want you to go to TELEGRAPH ROAD, right now, get a good deal!” mentioned is fine by me.

    I wonder if it’s the same place?

    • It uses the same logo seen at the end of the ad, so there’s a possibility.

  • The narrating atom in the Fairbanks picture is Ken Carpenter. I keep waiting for him to sell Velveeta.

    • You could be right. To my ear Wilson and Carpenter have very similar voices, and I’ve mixed them up before.

    • I agree with YOWP. Sounds like Ken Carpenter to me, too.

  • trivia on the Don Wilson narrated spot: the four molecules humming at the end is a reference to The Four Sportmen, who sang on the Benny radio program. One of the running gags was for them to hum just that one note.

    • We actually did say that in the post.

  • Terrific finds, Mike — thanks for sharing all these long-lost cartoon commercial treasures 🙂

  • Still waiting for Dr. Ross Dog Food, which had anthropomorphized singing dogs standing around a microphone;

    “Feed him Dr. Ross Dog Food, do him a favor.
    It’s got more meat and it’s got more flavor.
    It’s got more meat to make him feel the way he sho-ould.”
    (Small scottie with bass voice):
    “Dr. Ross Dog Food is dog-gone good. Woof!”

    • And I’m still waiting to see “Hey, there, stranger, try Hair Arranger!” What are the odds??

  • The Fortunoff Furniture commercial that fades out just before the Lenny’s Clam Bar commercial shows locations in Westbury (Long Island) and Wayne (NJ), so I believe they were a NYC-area restaurant chain.

    • I can confirm that because I recall seeing those on certain local (and formerly independent) NYC TV stations myself. To me, it looked like it was produced by the same ad agency that handled all the K-Tel promotional ads, at least the production quality seems to imply that.

  • The gas molecule looks a lot like Al Capp’s Shmoo.

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