August 25, 2014 posted by Thad Komorowski

Fleischer Promo Art #13: “Popeye Adds Up The Profits”

Continuing our weekly posting of these rare Fleischer Studio promotional illustrations – this time from the March and April 1936 issues of in-house trade publication Paramount Sales News. Please click each illustration to enlarge image. Directly below are a few samples of what cartoon shorts the Paramount salesmen were pushing to theaters at the time these promotional pieces appeared in print.


ABOVE: BROTHERLY LOVE (released March 6th 1936)

ABOVE: BETTY BOOP AND LITTLE JIMMY (released March 27th 1936)


  • Did Hal Seeger draw all of these? In which unit did he work? His Popeyes resemble Kneitel’s unit style.

  • I didn’t think the Box Office “character” could get more disturbing. I have been proven wrong.

    • It’s hard to un-see these things I bet!

  • Oh, come on, Popeye.. You can’t even spell your own girlfriend’s name? Tsk..

  • It looks like there’s been a definite change in artists on the Popeye art.

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