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Freberg in Advertising Land

Freberg-Limited-Card-largeComedian Stan Freberg appeared in a lot of commercials. A whole lot of commercials. Both as an actor-for-hire for others and in the commercials conceived by his advertising company, Freberg Ltd.(click thumbnail at right to enlarge).

Stan was no stranger to animation, having appeared in an unwholesome number of cartoons from Warner Brothers, Screen Gems, and UPA. He had great comic delivery, and could play a wide range of character types. At times it was hard to tell that he actually wasn’t all those different people. His experience behind a microphone both in cartoons and radio stood him in good stead during his advertising career.

Kaiser Foil – Research


Another one from the Kaiser Foil file. Starring Stan Freberg, Byron Kane, and June Foray with music by George Bruns. From 1959. Produced by Playhouse Pictures.

DeSoto – Billboard

A musical extravaganza from You Bet Your Life. Stan plays all the men folk in this spot. Produced by Playhouse Pictures in 1955.

DeSoto – Professor


Stan’s frequent co-conspirator Daws Butler is the voice of the professor, and Stan himself is the doubting Thomas. You Bet Your Life announcer George Fenneman introduces the spot. From 1956, made to pitch the 1957 models.

Turtle Wax

Another spot featuring Butler and Freberg. The Jimmy Durante impersonation here reminds me of the Ralph Kramden voice Stan used on his “Honey-Earthers” record.

Butter Beans

Produced in 1955 by Playhouse Pictures for the J. Walter Thompson agency. Stan appears as a singing lima bean in this one.

Butternut Coffee – Subliminal

Another Freberg Ltd. spot, with animation produced by John Wilson’s Fine Arts Films. Featuring animation by the very wonderful Bill Littlejohn.

Cheerios – Couch

Stan Freberg was hired to try to sell adults on the idea of eating Cheerios for breakfast. Some of the spots were live-action, and some were animated. Here’s one of the animated ones superbly animated by Art Babbitt.


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