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The Ray Abrams Archives – Part 3: Cowboys, Co-Workers and Polo Ponies

Once again, courtesy of his son William Abrams, some more of the momentos from the archives of veteran Lantz/MGM animator Ray Abrams. This time a few personal items that reflect his interests – and his art.

A couple more of the animators joke pictures. As I said, they all played tricks on each other.



Here is a picture of Paul Smith, Ray Abrams and a unknown player. I’m not sure where they’re playing but as I told you before, Will Rodgers had a ranch in Santa Monica where they played sometimes.


Also there is a picture of my dad and his brother Curt Abrams. I know Curt worked on the Oswald crew also but I don’t know what he did exactly.


My dad and mom with his Lincoln.



Here are a few cowboys. My dad was born in 1906 and was raised on a homestead in Utah in a very remote area where when riders came up to the gate, my grandfather would lower the only kerosene lamp, take the shotgun from the mantle and go out and parley with them.

At the back of the property was a canyon where my dad found the skeleton of some cowboy in a cave. He had an arrow in him. Dad never went back!





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  • The Valley Polo Club occasionally was written up in the Los Angeles Times. Besides the Abrams, others who played were Bob McKimson, Tom McKimson, Paul J. Smith, Mel Shaw and John Hunt. Bud Dancan (sp?) was the head of the club. They filmed some amateur comedies while playing.
    One story from 1936 reveals how Ray and Jean were transporting their ponies on Ventura Blvd. when the trailer with the animals was rear-ended. The ponies were okay, but Ray was taken to hospital when one of the animals fell on him (he had been in the rumble seat).

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