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Good morning. Start of a new week, and here are your copies of The Exposure Sheet. The in-house newsletter of the Looney Tunes crew at Leon Schlesinger Productions.

Vol. 2 – No. 4 March 4th, 1940

Apparently page 4 was left out of my copy of this issue – but whatever was on there is continued on page 5. Among the things we do have, we learn: Chuck Jones, recuperating from appendix surgery, sent a note to the staff; Welshman Fred Jones (no relation) becomes an American citizen; Cal Dalton takes bubble baths; Michael Maltese starts a new facetious column on the History of Animation; and Lou Guarnier writes a letter of complaint about himself!

“Malibu Beach Party” which comes out in the Fall of 1940 is mentioned in the Exposure Sheet above to acknowledge the Hollywood caricatures of Ben Schenkman

Vol. 2 – No. 5 March 18th, 1940

Leonard Kester joins the staff as a background painter for Freleng’s unit; John Carey responds to Lou Guarnier’s letter in the last issue; Maltese writes of his favorite memories of silent pictures; and bios of inker Ann Almond and Ink & Paint supervisor Frank Powers.

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  • Nice, JB. I see the crossword puzzle(s) at the bottom.Thanks so much (again)

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