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September 17, 2018 posted by Jerry Beck

The Exposure Sheet #3 & #4

warner39_logoOnce again we get to hang with the gang at Termite Terrace – through the pages of their zany in-house newsletter, The Exposure Sheet. First up, the third issue of the 1939 volume.

Perhaps the best thing about this newsletter – and all the issues of The Exposure Sheet – is that we get to learn more of the names behind our favorite cartoons, beyond those who earned screen credit. In this issue we even get to know some of their birthrates.

Highlights in this issue include:

• Information about the Chuck Jones story unit’s trip to Indian ruins in Arizona to research locations for The Mighty Hunters.

• Biographical info on Henry Binder and Bob Clampett.

• Women In Animation: background painter Mabel Andes and painter Gwenn Williams.

Click on thumbnails below to enlarge – and enjoy!

Exposure3-1 Exposure3-2 Exposure3-3 Exposure3-4
Exposure3-5 Exposure3-6

Here is the fourth issue of the 1939 volume.

The best thing about these newsletters is that we get to learn more of the names behind our favorite cartoons, beyond those who earned screen credit.

Historical highlights in this issue include:

• A report on the Chuck Jones unit’s trip to Arizona on behalf of research for The “Canyon Kiddies” short, The Mighty Hunters (embed below, for reference)

• a mini-bio of Chuck Jones, and inker Geraldine Brimhall, painter Dorothy Worth and cameraman Hank “Smokey” Garner.

• A mock story conference – of which I wouldn’t be surprised is close to the real thing!

Click thumbnails below to enlarge and read. Enjoy!

expposure4-1 expposure4-2 expposure4-3 expposure4-4
expposure4-5 expposure4-6


    >(he shoots himself)

    Now I’ve read everything.

  • Peter O’ Crotty worked at Disney’s in the late 1930s as a story-man; among one of his credits was MOTHER GOOSE GOES HOLLYWOOD. Evidently, he also worked at George Pal’s studio around 1941, but was there for only two months. There is also a text story, “The Masquerade”, in HA HA COMICS #29 (April 1946), credited to him.

  • Really funny stuff in there. They really had great senses of humor. The bit about Tex Avery wanting to make a story about Hawaii after hearing that Chuck Jones was sent out on location for research for a cartoon had me cracking up so hard. It wasn’t just Looney Tunes. It was Looney animators! Thank you for sharing this Jerry.

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