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Japanese Animated Commercials – Part 6

Here’s another post covering those wacky Japanese animated commercials.

Yamamotoyama Tea

Green tea is consumed regularily in Japan, so there are commercials for it. Here’s one

Sanwa Chicken

A series of commercials from the 1970s for chicken meat. Nothing’s more marketable than showing cartoon chicken happily serving cooked remains of their kin to little kids.

Chugoku Shimbun

A 1985 ad for Chugoku Shimbun newspaper, serving Chugoku region in Hiroshima.

Asahi Shimbun

From 1989, it’s another ad for a newspaper, this one is for Asahi Shimbun, one of the national newspapers in Japan. The ad features characters from “Gatapishi”, a 4-koma comic strip by Shunji Sonoyama (creator of “Gyatoruzu”) that was running in the newspaper at the time.

A TV series based on “Gatapishi” was later produced by Shin’Ei Doga, airing on TV Asahi (Asahi Shimbun owns about 25% of the network) from 1990 to 1991.


Some of the PSAs from Japanese television. Some of them have really unusual drawing styles.


  • One of the Japanese PSAs that I’ve seen involved excerpts from Leroy Anderson’s Sandpaper Ballet and shows how not to leave our canine friends in the rain.
    The others in that mix includes on how to be tidy, two involving how to cross the street safely and how not to pollute your neighborhood with unsightly graffiti.

  • That shoe PSA has a weird art style. Charles, who made the PSAs?

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