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Disneyland’s “Lady and the Tramp” Storyteller Records

Accomplished Hollywood voice actors and studio singers recreate the story and music from Walt Disney’s 1955 animated classic in beloved book and record sets.


Walt Disney’s

Disneyland Records – Storyteller Series ST-3917 (12” 33 1/3 RPM with Book / Mono / 1962 / 39 minutes)

Reissue: Walt Disney Records – Vinyl Vault Series D002239401 (2015 / 36 minutes)
Executive Producer: Jimmy Johnson. Producer/Musical Director: Camarata. Recorded at Sunset Sound, Hollywood.
Speaking Voices: Ginny Tyler (Narrator/Lady; Aunt Sarah, Peg); Dal McKennon (Tramp); Billy Bletcher (Trusty), Vic Perrin (Jock, Tony).
Singing Voices: Marilyn Hooven (Lady); Teri York (Darling, Peg); Robie Lester (Si, Am); Bob Grabeau (Tony); The Mellomen (Pound Dogs).
Songs: “What is a Baby?” “La La Lu,” “The Siamese Cat Song,” “Bella Notte,” “He’s a Tramp,” “Peace on Earth” (2015 only) by Peggy Lee, Sonny Burke; “Home Sweet Home” by Sir Henry Bishop, Arranged by Oliver Wallace.
Instrumental: “Lady” by Oliver Wallace.

LadyTrampST1969FrontThe songs-only version of the Disneyland “second cast” Lady and the Tramp album (mentioned in a previous Spin is not currently available on vinyl or CD, but is downloadable on iTunes. However, Walt Disney Records recently restored and reissued the vinyl Storyteller, which was released the same year as the song album, with the addition of an 11-page book of photos from the film in a gatefold “Magic Mirror” cover.

Like Disneyland’s 101 Dalmatians Storyteller (which we explored here), this is one of the best of the early Disney film reenactments. Ginny Tyler is superb as Lady and Dal McKennon is perfect as Tramp. This may be the only instance in which it could be argued that the recording actors could have played the roles in the actual film, with apologies to the wonderful Barbara Luddy and Larry Roberts. (McKennon did in fact, do two voices in the movie: Toughy and the Professor at the gate of the zoo.)

The narration and dialogue are well paced and the songs are nicely distributed througouth the story so there aren’t long stretches with no music. In addition to the full cast, this album includes a few more bars of the “Lady” instrumental here and there.

LadyTrampST2015Back-600There are two editions of this album. The 1962 Storyteller includes a complete rendition of “What is a Baby?” followed immediately by “La La Lu.” It concludes with the end of the “Lady” instrumental.
The second edition (released either in 1969 when the cover was redesigned, or in 1980 when the book was reformatted as a read-along) has an audio dissolve from the middle of “What is a Baby?’ into “La La Lu” (which actually makes sense, because Marilyn Hooven sings for Lady and then for Darling and it’s a little confusing). This version also shortens the little gasp Ginny Tyler utters as Lady runs away after being muzzled—and concludes with the song, “Peace on Earth.”

Walt Disney Records’ 2015 reproduction is a beauty, with sparkling reprints of the original art, inside and out. A lot of care was taken to make it authentic and pleasing to those who treasured it as children and new vinyl collectors (including those who find it in some Disney Park shops). Even the cardboard cover is high grade, sturdy and much like the cardboard of the original, just as the pages inside have the same glossy look. It’s available at

A Look at the “Lady and the Tramp” 2015 Reissue
One of our fellow Disney record fan from Down Under did this very nice video about Walt Disney Records “Vinyl Vault” reissue of this album. (I have the same kind of turntable as his in the video.)


Walt Disney’s Story of LADY AND THE TRAMP
Disneyland Story Reader: Robie Lester
Disneyland Book and Record LLP-307 (7” 33 1/3 RPM with Book / Mono / 1965 / 12 minutes)

Executive Producer: Jimmy Johnson. Producer/Musical Director: Camarata.
Songs: “Bella Notte,” “Siamese Cat Song” by Peggy Lee, Sonny Burke.

This follows the read-along format appearing on Disneyland little book and record sets from 1965 to 1977. There is no background music and the songs come at the end. The later recordings either put the songs at the end or incorporated them into the narrative. The text and illustrations are adapted from the Little Golden Book, “Lady.”

British Version:


Walt Disney’s Story of LADY AND THE TRAMP
Disneyland Book and Record #307 (7” 33 1/3 RPM with Book / Mono / 1965)

Executive Producer: Gary Krisel. Producer: Jymn Magon. Musical Directors: Camarata, Buddy Baker. Running Time; 14 minutes.
Voices: Hal Smith (Narrator, Trusty); Pat Parris (Lady); Tony Pope (Tramp, Jim Dear); Corey Burton (Jock); Linda Gary (Darling, Aunt Sarah); Jymn Magon (Assorted Dogs), The Mellomen.
Songs: “Bella Notte,” “Siamese Cat Song” by Peggy Lee, Sonny Burke. Sung by Bob Grabeau, Robie Lester.

This is one of Jymn Magon’s fine remakes of the read-along, with a full cast of talented voice actors. Music from Camarata’s Lady and the Tramp studio album. The Christmas background tune is the backing track to “What a Glorious Christmas Morning” from the Dickens’ Christmas Carol album.


  • I’ve Notice that the third reissue of the Lady and the Tramp came out in 1979 (MCMLXXIX as dated in Roman Numerals). Also the song “Siamese Cat Song” preformed by Robie Lester was later released as a single record.


  • Recently watched the recent live action movie production (from 2019), copying the original animated feature almost second per second. Don’t like those funny inserts that the director / screenwriter himself invented and embodied on the screen, but no. They even changed the breed of cats. Nothing can be better than classic cartoon.

    • Changing the breed of cats in that new retelling was to comply with the new PC rules today’s societies seem to demand! Sad!

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