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July 30, 2018 posted by Jerry Beck

Warner Club News (1962) – Part 1

Well, it’s 1962 – and we know that its the beginning of the end. Jones and Freleng would depart before the year’s end.



Fan mail from a family who love The Three Little Bops; Mel Blanc is spotted at the studio without his wheelchair (but still on crutches); and Nelly’s Folly is screened…

MARCH 1962

Irv Spector returns, Kin Platt, Charlie Downs (story) and David Rose (layout) join up; Harry Love and Robert Givens have new cars…

APRIL 1962

Warner Bros. has three cartoons nominated for an Academy Award (this was the year Ersatz wins); Joe Finck and Hank Chisolm relate their recent visit with comedy legend Stan Laurel!

MAY 1962

JUNE 1962

Milt Franklyn passes away on April 24th from a heart attack. With the studio since 1947.

NEXT WEEK: 1962 – part 2


  • It’s odd to see hirings for layout and story people who never got any screen credit. One has to wonder how long they were there or what they did.
    I thought Franklyn’s time at the studio dated back to the ’30s.

    • Could they have been hires for the commercial unit?

  • Milt Franklyn maintained the high standards his predecessor Carl Stalling had set more than a quarter-century earlier.

  • I previously knew this Dude thru his work on “Soul Train” and with SIB/Tower 12 Productions.
    Is Sam Pal still alive?

  • The first cartoon with Bill Lava replacing Franklyn was released five months after Franklyn’s death. I thought the music scores were composed (if not arranged or recorded) as the directors were planning the layouts and timing sheets, which would have been much earlier in the process.

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