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July 2, 2018 posted by Jerry Beck

Warner Club News (1960) Part 1


Johnny Burton had surgery… whut’s up wit dat? Ruben Apodaca joins the staff as assistant animator. Bob Gribberoek got a 10k cooking prize – handed to him by James Gardner.


MARCH 1960

And so, John Burton retires – and David DePatie steps in with the immediate job of producing The Bugs Bunny Show for ABC in September. Jack L. Warner and Dave’s dad, E.L. DePatie, visit the studio, stating that the cartoon division will be the “focal point of studio management from now on, as a result of the increased television activity.” Mexicali Schmoes is nominated for an Oscar… and returning artists include Ben Schenkman, Ben Washam, Abe Levitow, Phil Monroe, Bob Matz and John Dunn.

McKimson, Jones, DePatie, Freleng and Bill Orcutt – the new executive brain trust at Warner Bros. cartoons beginning this month.

APRIL 1960

The physical cartoon studio expands – the Bugs Bunny Show and TV commercials, along with the theatricals, will now be produced under one roof. Animators Alex Ignatiev and Keith Darling return to the studio. The first episode of The Bugs Bunny Show was completed and screened to the employees.

MAY 1960

JUNE 1960

One item to note here: Treg Brown cuts off part of his finger… Ewwww!

NEXT WEEK: 1960 – part 2


  • James Garner was getting ready to walk off “Maverick” in a dispute with Warner Bros. just about the time he handed Gribbroek that cooking award. Any later and Jack Kelly would have had to do it.

    • A Kaiser Foil promotion with no presentation by Clark Smathers? Hope he was waiting backstage with his mallet.

  • Sorry to read about Tregoweth’s mishap. Wonder if it was accompanied by an amusingly incongruous sound effect?

  • Anyone know what theatrical cartoons would’ve been in production during the same time they were producing The Bugs Bunny Show? I would think they would’ve been the cartoons eventually released in late 1961 or early 1962, given the studio’s backlog, but I’m not 100% sure.

  • Good thing we’ve reached this point now, because I’ve been curious about how Bill Lava and others at the music department went about composing and arranging the opening theme for “The Bugs Bunny Show”.

  • May ’60 mentions Ken Harris’ return to work after a surgery. I believe this could have been when Ken had been diagnosed with Angina Pectoris. This stopped his smoking and active tennis playing.

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