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The MGM Cartoon Department (1956): The Home Addresses

Here’s an interesting curio from my files, accumulated years ago from somewhere. It’s an in-house list of addresses for the staff of the MGM Cartoon Department, circa 1956 (click thumbnails below to enlarge). I can date it because Tex Avery isn’t on the list – and Jack Nicholson is.

MGM_addresses1MGM_addresses2MGM_addresses3MGM_addresses4 Quimby_map

If you know (or live in) L.A. it’s especially fascinating to read where some of our favorite names lived, what streets they trod. Scott Bradley lived in Chatsworth! Ben Shenkman lived in Van Nuys! Edith Vernick lived in Culver City – I don’t even recall if I knew Vernick worked at MGM – how about that? Fred Quimby, of course lived on a tony street in Beverly Hills (map above, Google street view below).


Below is the famed caricature of (most of) the MGM staff in 1956 (click to enlarge). For more information on where the Golden Age animators lived, see the blog by my friend Joe Campana.



  • Cool stuff! I see that the address list lists Irv Spence’s name as “Irvin”. Isn’t “Irven” the correct spelling?

    By the way, what cartoon is that frame grab of the MGM Cartoon lion logo from that you used as the thumbnail for this post on the home page? Just curious, as it looks like it may be from a nitrate print.

  • Amazing how many uncredited staff members there were in the old days.

  • Jerry, the time frame can be narrowed a bit.
    Ed Barge, who’s not depicted, was hired by Animation, Inc. by early May (Billboard, May 5, 1956).
    Irv Spence, who is depicted, was hired by Animation, Inc. by late August (Variety, Aug. 30, 1956).
    It’s a fair guess Shenkman drew it between those dates.
    I suspect Lozzi means “Ken Southworth” instead of “Ken Sutherland.”

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