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The Jerry Report – Update #2

Continuing my running list of upcoming events I’ll be attending and places I gotta go. I do this list more for myself than for any other reason – If I don’t write these things down somewhere I’ll forget them…

Janet Klein – The first Thursday of every month you can find me screening about 45 minutes of classic musical shorts (on real-live 16mm film) from the 1930s – cartoons, Big Band musicals, Fleischer Screen Songs, etc. – preceding a great evening of live music by Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Next show is Thursday September 5th at 8pm. The one after that is October 3rd. Tickets here.

spongebob_shell100Spongebob Squarepants Fan Shellabration – I was invited to attend this event on September 7th at Universal City Hollywood – I thought maybe to sign copies of my new Spongebob book, but as far as I know nothing like that is scheduled. So I’ll hang out on Saturday and check out the live script reading by my friends Tom Kenny, Mr. Lawrence and the rest of the cast. Should be a hoot.

boomoon1003-D Cartoons – on Sunday September 8th at 11am, I’m going to be introducing this rare “twice”-in-a-lifetime screening of almost every 3-D short cartoon made between 1953-1955. All screened with two-projectors, in the original 35mm double-system, polaroid anaglyph prints. Casper, Donald Duck, Woody and Bugs will all be there. Do-not-miss this repeat performance of these rare prints on the big screen (and NOT on dvd or blu-ray). It’s part of the World 3D Film Expo 3 running Sept. 6th through Sept. 15th at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Buy tickets now.

chuck100Chuck Jones at Egyptian – Roughly two weeks later I’ll be back at the Egyptian Theatre, this time strictly as an attendee of a Chuck Jones Birthday Celebration. They’ll be discussion between usual films with Chuck Jones’ widow, Marian Jones; daughter, Linda Jones; grandchildren Todd, Craig and Valerie Kausen; Leonard Maltin; and musician George Daugherty. And I hear there will be cake! Join us.

Lou Scarborough Memorial – We all lost a colleague last month. Friends and co-workers are gathering at the Animation Guild to commemorate his life. I’ll be there. Friday September 27th at The Animation Guild, 1105 N Hollywood Way, in Burbank, CA. No need to RSVP. Just come down and join us.

RR_100Richard Williams – The man himself will be speaking at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of their annual Marc Davis Celebration of Animation, on Friday night October 4th. Williams will speak about and show clips from “The Little Island,” “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” “A Christmas Carol,” “The Return of the Pink Panther,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “Circus Drawings” and the first theatrical trailer for “The Thief and the Cobbler,” as well as a preview of his work-in-progress, “Prologue.” The appearance coincides with the Academy’s latest exhibition in their Grand Lobby Gallery – Richard Williams: Master of Animation. This exhibit will be on view from October 4th through Dec. 22nd and will feature art from Williams many shorts, movie titles and features. The lecture is at 7:30pm and is sure to sell out. The Event will take place at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre at 8949 Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills, California. Buy tickets as soon as you can – they go on sale Tuesday Sept. 3rd.

San Diego Comic Fest – On Saturday Oct. 5th I’ll be hosting a tribute to Bugs Bunny’s 75th Anniversary – and later I’ll be moderating a panel with several classic animators including Willie Ito and Floyd Norman. Sounds like a blast. This is an old fashioned San Diego comic con – not the behemoth that the “Comic Con” has become. Check out the details here.

NY Comic Con – Oct. 10-13. At the moment, I’m not set to come into NYC for this. But if I do, I’ll just be a spectator. No panels, no screenings, no book signings… but I’ll let you know if that changes.

WBLogo-100Detroit Institute of The Arts – As part of it’s three month exhibit, Watch Me Move: The Animation Show, I’ll be appearing on Oct. 19th to present a screening of The Warner Bros. Superstars. I’ll give a lecture and show some Looney Tunes on the big screen, as they should be. If you are anywhere near Detroit Michigan this fall, you must check this exhibit of rare animation art and the weekly series of screenings – It’s a classic cartoon lover’s dream come true! Other guest lecturers will include Paul Dini, Leslie Iwerks (11/2) and our very own Steve Stanchfield (11/30). For more information on this series click here.


  • Oh why couldn’t my Toledo Museum of Art pull off something like this Jerry? That city’s already fallen on such hard times they’re considering selling off some of the collection at that museum to pay off their debts. Oh well.

  • Wow, I always look at these and feel bummed that I’m never in LA, but FINALLY…a pretty rad lineup of stuff in Detroit! I’ll be there!

    • Be careful.

  • Chris, I’m assuming that as a proud Toledoan, you have actually been to Detroit. Sure there’s plenty of rough spots, but that’s true everywhere. Just getting a little tired of all the perpetual negativity. The DIA is an awesome facility, and the auditorium is world class, a great setting for a (long overdue) cartoon screening in Detroit! There are actually several events of interest to cartoon fans coming up. Just head to the DIA’s website.

    • I suppose. I’m not really a naysayer as the majority out there that acts that way, but it’s a shame when people don’t have the pride to change things if they knew it has gone wrong. I haven’t been there in quite a long time, but recall as a kid being real tired walking through the Detroit Zoo as I was more used to the fun at the one back home. I’m sure Jerry will have a good time at the DIA (which I haven’t been to yet).

  • Well, the situation in Detroit is far more complex than merely a lack of civic pride. Believe me, there are tons of Detroit Boosters making their case. And yes, the Detroit Zoo is HUGE, and can be quite tiring to try to fit everything in, though if you go again you need to check out the recently added polar bear exhibit. You actually walk through a plexiglass tunnel under the water and the swimming bears above. I even saw Chilly Willy and Maxie the polar bear rocking out (just to bring this comment back on topic).

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