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The Jerry Report – Update #1

I suppose I’ll periodically update my doings with these “Jerry Report” posts. It’s been over a month, so we are about due for a new run-down of public events I will be attending the next few weeks and months… more details will pop up here, on Animation Scoop or on my Facebook page as they grow closer.

cobbler50First up, a double header this Saturday June 29th in Hollywood. At 4pm I’ll be at The Cinefamily (Silent Movie Theater) on Fairfax and Melrose to introduce Kevin Schreck’s Persistence Of Vision, the must-see documentary about the making and un-making of Richard Williams The Cobbler and The Thief.

superman_tinySame day (6/29), that night at 7:30pm, I’ll be running over to the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. where the American Cinematheque is running a whole program of Fleischer/Famous Superman cartoons on the big screen. No digital – All will be on film, some in 35mm (though not all). If you love Superman and have Man of Steel-fatigue, this one’s for you.

comic_con_tinyThe San Diego Comic Con is coming up July 18-21. I’ll be there with Leonard Maltin to co-moderate an interview with guest-of-honor Gene Deitch on Thursday morning, July 18th at 12:30 in Room 8. I’ll also be doing my 10th anniversary (or 11th, I started doing this in 2003) Worst Cartoons Ever screening on Friday July 19th at 8:15pm in Room 6BCF. Additionally, I’ll be signing my previous books and giving a preview of my upcoming Spongebob book at the Insight Editions booth #1134 on Friday morning at 11am. More about my Comic Con doings as we get closer to the date.

princechawmThe following weekend, I’ll be in both Toronto, Canada and Brooklyn, New York! I’ll be screening a group of Banned Cartoons at Taafi (The Toronto Animation Arts Festival International) Thursday night July 26th at 10pm. I’ll also be on the jury of this animation fest.

pink_panther70I’m flying down to New York on Sunday (7/28) to attend the Animation Block Party in Brooklyn. If you are in the NYC area, I urge you to attend this festival all four days. I’ll be there on Sunday night July 28th to screen 1960’s Oscar Shorts at 7pm. Following my screening I’m moderating a panel with J.J. Sedelmaier, Michael Sporn and Emily Hubley to discuss animated films of the 1960s. All films will be projected in 35mm. I’d love to see all my friends and readers there – or at any of these upcoming events! Join me!


  • The Superman showing at the Egyptian reminds me of the 1986 screening at the Nuart in Santa Monica. That was magical. I was a huge Fleischer fan and had just moved here that summer. To see the complete Superman run in restored, 35mm Technicolor prints was astounding. The comparable moments were seeing the newly restored Poor Cinderella print from UCLA at LACMA in late 80s/early 90s, and the jaw dropping (literally) restored print of Sindbad the Sailor at the Egyptian a few years back when John K. presented some cartoons.

  • Don’t you mean “The Thief & The Cobbler”?

    • When I first heard of the film, decades ago, I had heard it was called The Cobbler and the Thief and I’ve always referred to it that way since.

  • I wish some of these opportunities to view rare prints of cartoons would make their way to the NYC or Philly area or even the East coast of the US. I’m beginning to feel left out. I would love the chance to see the Censored 11 and/or the Fleischer Superman cartoons in a theater.

    • Joe, I hope you will consider coming to the Animation Block Party screening in Brooklyn on 7/28. I will be showing rare prints there that day. Tom Stathes is showing very rare silent animation there on Saturday afternoon.

      I personally hope to do more screenings on the east coast in the coming months and years!

  • The working title by 1982 was “The Cobbler and the Thief”, and I notice that many other animation enthusiasts still call it that (Michael Sporn and Mark Mayerson are two examples).

    Personally I think this version scans better (dee DOO dee DOO dee DEE) than the later “The Thief and the Cobbler” (dee DEE dee dee DOOdaa) but perhaps Williams came to feel it sounded too glib. Or perhaps he just thought the Thief deserved first billing.

    • Thanks for the clarification, Peter.

  • Wow, I’d sure like to know what “banned” cartoons are being screened…any titles that we fans have never seen in very good quality for years?

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