October 1, 2018 posted by Jerry Beck

The Exposure Sheet – Volumes #7 and #8

Another madcap edition of The Exposure Sheet, the official in-house newsletter of Termaite Terrace circa 1939. To view the other installments in this series click here.

This issue talks of the studio’s victory over the Screen Gems players in a softball game, bios of background painter Art Loomer and painter Ruth Pierce… and yeah, Martha Goldman listed under the Birthdays is the late, great Martha Sigall, a friend of this website.

And since it is mentioned in the crossword puzzle, below is Tex Avery’s A Day At The Zoo (1939), a film they were working on at the time. (Click thumbnails below to enlarge.)


Issue #8 talks about “The Sketch Pad” which was a studio activity that presented little skits and playlets performed by the staff. More importantly are the mini-biographies – this time of animator Bob McKimson and of cel washer John Marks.

NEXT WEEK: Issues #9 and 10 with bios of Paul Smith, Tubby Millar and Phil Monroe – amongst much else…


  • Ruth Pierce is noted as working for “the studio that made ‘Goofy Gus'” – no doubt a reference to THIS, on which Gil Turner and Carl Stalling (as Arch B. Fritz) also toiled…

    • Steve Bosustow also worked on it; he recalled that the producer raised money from a policeman and set up shop across the street from a brothel. He also stated that the animators worked for free and were provided lunch by the studio.

    • Here’s an article from this very website about it:

  • “A Day At The Zoo” introduced me to all types of comedy and references, like the running gag (Egghead/Elmer messing with the lion). Sadly it was distorted by the juvenile humor of Famous Studios, even though those cartoons still give me a soft spot in my heart.

    A young, pre-MGM Tex knew how to make adults laugh.

  • Surprising to see Johhnny Burton in that list of birthdays. Had no idea he was part of WB that long.
    Unless it’s a different Johnny Burton.

  • These are fantastic… really unique insight into the day-to-day at Termite Terrace. I particularly liked “Life” by Kay Vallejo.

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