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September 24, 2018 posted by Jerry Beck

The Exposure Sheet – Volumes #5 and #6

We continue our close look at Leon Schlesinger Productions, circa mid-March/early April 1939, with the fifth and sixth issue of their in-house newsletter, The Exposure Sheet.

In this edition, Friz Freleng returns, Treg Brown gets a new cutting room, and bios of John Burton, animator Bobe Cannon, painter Betty Brenon and inker Marjorie Dakin.

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exposure5-1 exposure5-2 exposure5-3 exposure5-4
exposure5-5 exposure5-6

This image represents a Looney Tune cartoon released at the time of these newsletters.
“Chicken Jitters” (4/1/39) lobby card courtesy of Steven Grossfield/Gremlin Fine Arts

The Schlesinger Studio in-house newsletter was always a little “looney” – but this one (#6, below) is the silliest of the bunch. Printed to coincide with April Fools Day, the whole thing is filled with gags and in-jokes that would only be funny to the rest of the staffers – and crazy animation historians like us, decades later.

I’m committed to posting all the issues I have, but even I have to admit this one has the least historical value. But I think if you love the classic Warner cartoons as much as I do, you’ll get a kick out of it. Enjoy…


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exposure6-2 exposure6-3 exposure6-4 exposure6-5 exposure6-7exposure6-6


  • Oh, I LOVE that Fleischer story! 😀 Completely understandable that you highlighted that page. This is utterly up the alley for readers of a site like Cartoon Research… no need to worry about the historical value. 😉

    • The story must be based on someone who had a brief fling with Fleischer and then returned. Pierce, Howard and Colvig all returned but they were at Fleischer’s for a while. I wonder who it was.
      It’s interesting seeing Bill Oberlin’s name, considering his later connection with “A Time For Beany.”

  • These posts are little gems. I love gaining behind-the-scenes insight on my favorite Hollywood cartoon studio. Thank you for all the hard work you and everybody else on this site have done Jerry, fantastic job!

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