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THE EXPOSURE SHEET (1940) – Vol. 2 #8&9

Once again we dip into the chatty in-house newsletters at Leon Schlesinger Productions. This week its the end of April, early May in 1940…

“Sniffles Takes a Trip” was released May 11th, 1940

Apparently there was a fire at the Warner lot earlier in the month. There’s mention of this – and a notice from Mr. Schlesinger that the animation studio wasn’t going to move. Hopeful no nitrate celluloid was destroyed…

The classic live action/animation short “You Ought To Be In Pictures” was released May 18th


  • Interesting comment on the bottom of page 4, giving a very snarky negative review of the Dick Tracy comic strip!
    We don’t often find out what the Warner’s cartoon staff didn’t like in the then current cartoon media.

  • I don’t know what Zack Haig was doing at Warners, but a squib in the L.A. Times in 1938 says he was a painter. He worked for the Kansas City Star (as an illustrator, I guess), went to New York to paint then came west to work briefly for a motion picture company (the Times doesn’t say which one).
    Coincidentally, in 1944 he illustrated a children’s book about a boastful fly. The book was named “Quimby.”

  • “Apparently there was a fire at the Warner lot earlier in the month. Hopeful no nitrate celluloid was destroyed…”

    Jeez, Jerry, what a way to clickbait readers! For a split second when I saw this text on the main page, I thought you meant a fire at the Warner lot in the present day…

  • Page 5 shows a drawing labelled “Katy”. I believe that’s ink and painter Katy Vallejo. I have gag drawing of her. She worked at the Disney studios too.

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