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THE EXPOSURE SHEET (1940) – Vol. 2 #6&7

I know these newsletters may not be as exciting as we wish – but on the other hand, they show us the other side – the human side – of our favorite artists. They unveil a closer look at the Schlesinger personnel during a year (1940) that birth’s the biggest cartoon superstar of the 20th Century: Bugs Bunny.

April 1st, 1940

The Exposure Sheet’s co-editor Virginia Morgan left the studio and the search for a new co-editor begins. A new page of classified ads begins with employees selling off stuff they no longer need – Dick Bickenbach sells a golf club, Gil Turner has a camera, and Alex Ignatiev has some wolfhound puppies.

Released April 27th 1940, this cartoon – featuring Elmer – was typical of what the studio was making and releasing during the month these newsletters were released.

April 15th, 1940

A Bio of Carl Stalling – and humorous bio of painter Myrlin Johnson. And “Why is a certain rotund animator being called “Rollo”? We may never know…

Also released in April 1940 – “Porky’s Poor Fish” Directed by Bob Clampett.


  • I adore THE HARDSHIP OF MILES STANDISH, but you have to be pretty old these days to be familiar with Hugh Herbert and Edna May.

  • “Porky’s Poor Fish”- one of Carl Stalling’s GREAT scores!!!! Starts out with a lengthy arrangement of “The Girl with the Pigtails in Her Hair”…..

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