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April 25, 2013 posted by Jerry Beck

“The Cow’s Husband” (1931)

Today, let’s watch a new Bimbo cartoon. Or at least one that’s new to me.

The Cow’s Husband (1931) is primo early-talkie Fleischer which like all the non-Betty Boop Fleischer films of the era, is rarely seen today. The highlight of this bull fight comedy is the rotoscoped-dancing bull, who beats up matador Bimbo and for his trouble wins a trip to a kosher butcher. Another laugh-fest from the brothers Fleischer.


  • Thanks, Jerry!

    I love these old Fleischer cartoons, but for the life of me, can’t figure out why they never seemed to settle on a consistent design for Bimbo until Betty Boop was introduced into the series.

  • Wow, love it! Makes an interesting comparison with the second Disney Symphony EL TERRIBLE TOREADOR.

  • Bimbo has the same design here as he did in the Betty Boop short “The Bum Bandit” made the same year.

  • Thanks Jerry. I’d never seen that one before.

    I like the backwards parade.

  • Anyone notice that the rotoscope footage of the bull dancing ballet is the same material used for the “pansy dance” at the conclusion of “Betty Boop’s Penthouse”?

    • I think that same rotoscoped animation shows up even as late as 1939, with the dancing springs in “So Does An Automobile”.

  • Jerry, you need more things with Betty Boop. They are my favorite Fleischer cartoons

  • Liked it.

    The rotoscoped bull was kind of creepy, but then again, that’s rotoscoping for ya.

  • So….while we’re on the subject of Fleischer. What ever happened with Olive Pictures alleged Boop project?

  • Interesting. I’ve never seen this before. I see that Shamus Culhane directed it.

  • who do we have to bother for a Betty Boop Dvd/ Blu-ray

  • That ending is nearly the equal if the Fredric March climax of Betty Boop MD (which, especially if you don’t get the reference, remains one of the most outright bizarre finishes to just about any film – long, short, animated or otherwise!)

  • You might want update the video link:

    • Thank you! Done!

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