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February 3, 2014 posted by

The Bosko Comic Strip – Part 3

Once again we are posting, courtesy of the collection of Martin Almeyra, a small continuity from the rare 1934 syndicated Bosko comic strip produced by Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising and drawn by Robert Allen.

But before we do that, Martin sent in scans of some storyboards he found from a Hugh Harman commercial (or industrial film) for White Magic Soap. Whether this spot was ever produced, we do not know. But great sketches – and a glimpse of what might have been if Harman had been able to compete with the large studios after the war…





Below are 2 out of more than 70 pages Martin acquired from an unproduced Hugh Harman education al film titled “Willie Learns Safety First“.


Here is another batch of Bosko strips, continuing the story of Bosko and Bruno on a cannibal isle. Click thumbnails below to enlarge.


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  • The black cannibal looks like Bosko. THAT PROVES IT!

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