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Sonia Comes To Hollywood

Courtesy of Mark Kausler (by way of his brother, Kurt) comes this article about Sonia the Duck from Walt Disney’s Peter and the Wolf that I’d never seen before. It’s from Screen Guide (May 1946), and a very clever way to promote the compilation feature Make Mine Music.

Mark says it “smacks of Ward Kimball’s kind of humor. I never had considered that Sonia’s femininity made much of a difference!” It does indeed. Click the pages below to see enlarged versions.

Sonia_Screen550_1 Sonia_550


  • It sure does sound like ol’ Ward had a hand in this! The topical references to certain films were rather clever! And Donald’s blunt comment was the topper!

  • I always wondered if Sonia was a female or male duck since the name sounds like a girl’s name, yet the duck doesn’t look that feminie in the film. Now I know.

    • Sonia is a unisexual name in Russia and several other surrounding countries.

  • I just think that don’t change anything, I mean we alredy had female verison of Donald that didn’t make much of a difference.

  • Can anyone ID the artist behind that gorgeous portrait?

  • My father had a copy of this pin-up of Sonia the Duck on his wall in the Army in 1946. He remembered it and described it and I’ve just found it for him here on this site. Thank you, Jerry, for posting this image.

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