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Schlesinger’s Exposure Sheet 1.6

The Schlesinger Studio in-house newsletter was always a little “looney” – but this one is the silliest of the bunch. Printed to coincide with April Fools Day, the whole thing is filled with gags and in-jokes that would only be funny to the rest of the staffers – and crazy animation historians like us, decades later.

I’m committed to posting all the issues I have, but even I have to admit this one has the least historical value. But I think if you love the classic Warner cartoons as much as I do, you’ll get a kick out of it. Enjoy…


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exposure6-2 exposure6-3 exposure6-4 exposure6-5 exposure6-7exposure6-6


  • Interesting to see that Bill Oberlin was there that early.

  • I tell you what’s nice about this site. For a while we didn’t really have anywhere good to go and discover things about classic animation. Animation has now moved on to mean Pixar and such only. But this original stuff, this handmade art, deserves its own place.

  • Schlesinger buys Fleischer’s and builds a tunnel to Florida! Maybe the best newsletter yet! Keep ’em coming, Jerry!

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