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Schlesinger’s Exposure Sheet 1.2

warner39_logoHere we go with another issue of The Exposure Sheet, the in-house bi-weekly newsletter for employees of the Leon Schlesinger studio (circa January 1939). Like the cartoons themselves, the newsletter doesn’t take it all so seriously. The articles are a mix of gossip, employee bios, and bits of news sprinkled with poetry and humor pieces.

Lots of things to pick out and ponder in this issue – including:

• Notice of Pinto Colvig going off to Fleischer Studios

• Dates and theatres that some Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies played in Hollywood

• Cal Dalton bio which mentions his start at Romer Grey and Ted Eshbaugh!

• Bios of Ace Gamer, Jack Miller and Phil DeLara.

• Background painter Peter Gaenger – that’s a new name to me!

All this and more. Click thumbnails below to enlarge. Enjoy!

exposure2-1 exposure2-2 exposure2-3 exposure2-4
exposure2-5 exposure2-6


  • So they were planning a “Canyon Kiddies” series, However, only one was ever made. It’s interesting that they handed the eleabrated project over to Chuck Jones who was just starting out as a director.

  • I’d never heard of this Peter O’Crotty character, the ex-Federal Theatre man. I don’t think he ever got a screen credit, and I wonder how long he lasted. Also interesting was the Carl Stallings [sic] reference on “Goofy Goat.”

  • Wow! Peter Gaenger was my grandfather. Thanks so much for posting this.

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