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More Walter Lantz Photo Backgrounds


Once again collector Martin Almeyra has shared with us a bunch of the original photographic backgrounds from Walter Lantz Dinky Doodle or Hot Dog cartoons. This batch is unidentified as to which film they are from. If anyone has any idea which shorts these are from, please let us know.

Note that two are candid’s taken on set – Lantz with Clyde Geronomi. I’ve included the inscriptions on the back – click thumbnails below to enlarge. The final image is an original background from one of the earliest sound Oswald Rabbit cartoons, Race Riot (1929). See if you can spot it in the final film (embed below).

lantzbg1 lantzBG2 lantzBG3 lantz_photo4
lantzBGphoto6 lantz-geronomi5 JRBRAYSTUDIO02B oswald-race_riot


  • You know the title of that Oswald cartoon has a whole different meaning today.

    • That depends upon the context. “Race Riots” in the social sense go back further than the 1950s and 60s.

  • That was also Lantz’s first film for Universal.

  • The first is from Pete’s Party, and the fourth is from The Bear’s Short Tail

    • Should have known Tom would have all the answers. Thanks to Tom and his Bray Animation Project.

  • It is so utterly awesome to see non-Disney history of this vintage and value. Nothing against Disney in the least, but it’s excellent to know that other studios’ artifacts managed to survive. Thanks, Martin and Jerry!

  • Well -what with pop culture being the ruination of everything and all, that intro music is so associated with The Beatles, “Help” soundtrack to me.

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