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April 10, 2023 posted by Jerry Beck

Looney Tunes Collectors Choice Vol. 1

Please DO NOT pre-judge the set by this image (or the images below) – This was a snapped off my home TV screen with my iPhone – the colors are not corrected and hues – particularly the parrot’s green feathers – are not as harsh as they look here. Plus there is a slight moiré pattern as well, and on all the photos below.

So many people have asked me to post about the forthcoming Looney Tunes Collector’s Choice Vol. 1 blu-ray (street date: May 30th) – even though information and discussion about it is plentiful on numerous forums, facebook and various social media – I’m not sure what else I can add.

Well, first off, I guess I can reveal the actual ‘program order’ that the cartoons will appear on the disc:

Program Order
CRACKED QUACK -Daffy & Porky
LITTLE ORPHAN AIREDALE – Porky and Charlie Dog 
HIP-HIP-HURRY! – Road Runner
HOT ROD AND REEL – Road Runner
CATCH AS CATS CAN – Sylvester 
TALE OF TWO MICE – Babbit Catstello
DOGGONE CATS – Sylvester

As stated in the official press release:

Derived from 4K scans of the original successive-exposure negatives, each short has been remastered and restored for inclusion in the “Looney Tunes Collector’s Choice, Vol. 1”. These Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons have been carefully curated for discerning fans. Enjoy some of the finest and funniest golden-era cartoons with the brilliance of high-definition audio and video. The collection highlights some of the most beloved characters in the pantheon of Warner Bros. cartoon history, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety & Sylvester, Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote just to name a few. Even better, all 20 of the shorts included in the collection are making their Blu-ray debut!

Furthermore, I want to be clear that the disc is “region-free”, able to play on blu ray players in any country.

My friend Nelson Hughes read my mind when he responded to several questioners on the Cartoon Research Facebook Group with this additional information… I quote him here:

“I would like to take the time to address the upcoming Looney Tunes blu ray. I’ve seen some questions (on other groups) about the disc and I’m going to break it down for all of you so we can avoid those questions here in the group.

1. This will be a blu ray only release. If you don’t have a blu ray player, then let me suggest you get one. They are very affordable.
2. The 20 cartoons presented on this disc will be UNCUT. Nothing will be edited or censored.
3. TO BE CLEAR WITH EVERYONE. This upcoming release does not mean Warners will put out Tom And Jerry Golden Collection Volume 2 and the remaining MGM Tex Avery cartoons.
4. As of this writing, there are currently no plans on restoring the 1950s Popeyes for a potential blu ray release. Maybe that can change down the road.
5. Stop complaining that a “certain” director, year and cartoon is not on volume one. Be grateful that Warners is even putting this out in the first place. If the set does well, then maybe you’ll see those I just mentioned on a possible second volume.
6. There will not be any double dipping on this disc.
7. Order your copy now so that a second volume could get released.

“Are we good now?”

The titles were carefully selected, with the thought of future volumes in mind. George Feltenstein is the producer. I assisted him in choosing the cartoons for this set. Assisting me was Devon Baxter – whom I want to thank profusely for his efforts over-and-beyond the call of duty.

If you have any questions – post them below. Understand I’ve signed an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which will limit what I can say. Now, it’s up to you – Let’s make those futures volumes a reality. Buy this set – Pre-order HERE.

A bunch of quick snaps with my iPhone off my home TV monitor… the actual quality is about ten times better than what I’m posting here.


  • Is the cut ending of Catch as Cats Can included or still lost forever?

    • I personally hope it will, given how the ending to “Hare-Um Scare-Um” and other scenes/titles/credits were restored for particular cartoons when they were issued on DVD. But then again, other things like the mother pig’s “Don’t touch that dial” from “Baby Bottleneck” and scenes from “Hollywood Steps Out” have yet to resurface.

    • Is it lost forever? Hopefully not. All I can say is the original ending is not in the Warner film vaults – and the cartoon was always released that way, with an abrupt fade out (not unlike The Heckling Hare). The version of Catch As Cats Can on this blu ray is from the original nitrate successive exposure negative – and is otherwise unedited.

      • IMPORTANT: Dear Jerry Beck This Bluray from Looney Tunes Collector’s Choice Vol.1 – Don’t forget to add some Foreign language audio: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Do you think you can add the 4 audios available in this bluray?

        P.S. Do not forget agree in audios: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

  • I have pre-ordered my copy and, as I’ve said before, cannot wait to get it in my hands! This is fantastic news. Good luck with this set and the possibilities of future volumes! Believe me, I am hoping that there are future volumes!

  • If nothing else, it’s great to see those long-neglected Art Davis cartoons of the 1940’s finally get some TLC. I’m bursting with questions about original titles and “lost endings”, but I won’t ask – I’ll find out when I buy it.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    All your efforts, and of all those around you are so appreciated!

  • Will any of the Blue Ribbon cartoons have their original titles restored? I sure hope so.

    • I sure hope so,too.

    • There are Blue Ribbon titles on some of the cartoons on this disc – these cartoons were scanned off the original successive nitrate negatives in Warner’s vaults. When original 35mm elements with the original titles are found – we affix them. No one is more disappointed than I when those titles can’t be found.

      It’s great that some original titles (I’m talking about cartoons beyond this blu-ray collection ) are found on 16mm prints – sometimes black & white 16mm prints, sometimes on damaged and usable 35mm prints – but for Warner’s restoration purposes, we can’t use them. That said, anyone with original titles on 16mm (or 35mm) prints that have not been restored to Warner cartoons on physical media, should contact me about them. I’m hoping (some day) to do a bonus documentary on lost “original titles” for a future “Collector’s Choice”.

      • Since only two of these shorts are newly restored for the first time, I assume the re-released shorts are all the Blue Ribbon titles.

  • The disc’s content is completely satisfying. With gems such as Beanstalk Bunny, Two Gophers from Texas, and The Unruly Hare appearing on here, I’m glad this is even happening at all.

    • “The Unruly Hare”

      Oh, how long have I waited for that cartoon to show up on DVD/Blu-Ray. I have a Blu-Ray player and am ready for this volume. “Unruly…” is a madcap delight done by Frank Tashlin where once Bugs starts dealing w/Elmer, all bets are off for laughs!

  • My only question is: does it matter which retailer we use to purchase the set? Will it make future sets more likely if we buy directly from the WB store, or from Amazon, or can we choose another retailer secure in the knowledge it’ll count just as much as any other purchase?

    Definitely looking forward to this set; it’s pretty much worth it just for “Daffy Doodles” and “Little Orphan Airedale” alone.

    • It doesn’t matter which retailer you buy the discs from. Great sales are great sales no matter from where – and the numbers will get back to Warner Bros. one way or another.

  • “Very thporting of the little black duck.” 😂

  • The content list is pretty satisfying. I feel fortunate that this is even happening in the first place.

  • Considering these are not the same remasters as HBO Max or MeTV, and that several of them are scanned from the original negatives, will any of the Blue-Ribbon cartoons be preserving their original titles and credits?

    • I answered this question above.

      • Are you allowed to say which ones are still Blue Ribbon reissues, or is it strictly confidential?

  • I’ll pick this up solely for the Art Davis shorts (That director deserves his own collection).

  • My only question is bonus features. Does this set have any bonus features, or did they have to be dropped? Nonetheless, I’ll be pre-ordering this set

    • There were no bonus features planned for this release. Budget tightening at the studio… but we hope to eventually add bonus features on future releases.

      • Thanks Jerry. Looking forward to the release

  • My only question is will there be a DVD version of this set?

    • I’ll double check… but as far as I know: NO. This is a blu-ray release only.

    • See my comment in the article.

  • Thanks Jerry! I had no idea this was even happening at all.

    I don’t get out much. (Cue sad trombone)

    Great titles. Startling frame grabs. No double-dip. Instant pre-order here.

  • Would MeTV and “Toon In With Me” help with any cross promotion on this?

    • Not that I know of at this time.

  • I would like to assume that there just too few cartoons left for Tex Avery MGMs to put out the fourth volume. There are only 5 cartoons left (and some of the most controversial ones) if you don’t count the cinemascope remakes “Millionaire Droopy” and “Cat’s Meow”

  • Will there be an international release of this set, such as in Europe and Australia?

    • I don’t know about separate release plans in other countries… but this set, as is, will play on all region blu ray players. I don’t think you have to wait for an Australian or European release to order it now.

      • Many thanks Jerry, and thanks for all your work on these releases 🙂

      • that’s assuming there will be an Australian release.
        in the past I’ve been forced to shop overseas for the last Golden Collections (3 4 5 6), all the Platinums, all the Super Stars, Mouse Chronicles, Bugs 80th.
        so in other words here we go again.
        the only upside is that this volume does contain first time on disc cartoons previously locked to TV or barely a vhs release.

  • Nice to see Arthur Davis represented. When Bob Clampett left Warners Art took over Bob’s crew. Jerry, hope you can make the case to get Coal Black released. Was lucky enough to meet Bob Clampett, and he told how he hired black musicians from LA jazz clubs to create the jazzy soundtrack for that Cartoon. With both Disney and Warner Bros. Celebrating 100 years and Snow White being released later this year wouldn’t it be perfect that Warner’s hilarious take on Snow White make its official Blu Ray debut. Many Animation historians consider Coal Black to be one of the best the studio ever produced. With thoughtful commentary and historical context it’s release would be educational. When I met Mr. Clampett he didn’t strike me as racist and if he had his way every musician on the soundtrack would have been black.

  • I know you said not to judge the set from your TV grabs, but honestly, just from those alone, I can tell that these look fantastic. The colors are lively and colorful, even if the TV’s glow makes them look funkier.

    I’m glad I pre-ordered this set and I look forward to it when it finally releases! I also wish this series a very long and healthy life.

  • I’ve pre-ordered. Thanks for letting me know it was region free on FB. I hope there will be future volumes. Are you planning any more LT books? Yours are always great.

    • Thanks. No new Looney Tunes books are planned by me at this time.

  • Do you know about the audio on this release? What codec was used? And more specifically, if there other language options for audio and subtitles?

    Thanks for everything!

  • I’m so glad this set is happening, and have preordered it.

    I am slightly curious why some of these titles weren’t restored and released years ago. “Daffy Doodles” and “Beanstalk Bunny” are classic fan favorites that seem like they should have been available from day one! Were there problems with the film negatives?

    • All I will say is: Yes.

      • I remember hearing that “Porky’s Duck Hunt” was going to be on one of the Golden Collection volumes, but there were problems with the negatives that had to be fixed, so it ended up being on the Essential Daffy Duck DVD instead.

  • if the sales are good, will feature release be on Steel book cover format?

    • No

  • As I told Nelson on the Facebook Page, I am thinking of buying this and future releases to “Help the Cause”, though I am looking just as forward, if not more so, to the “Linus the Lionhearted” set down the line. Thanks Jerry for all you do for Classic Animation and though I have never met you personally, I consider you a good friend.

  • I just love that all these years after meeting to work on the MGM boxsets of LaserDisc yore, it’s George and Jerry still putting these kinds of things together again. Well done, chaps, and keep going! All your hard work is always and greatly appreciated!

  • Great article as always, Jerry. Many thanks to you, George, and Devon for assembling this set. Any idea if the soundtrack negatives were rescanned and restored for each film in this collection as the SE negatives were? I know that when the HBO Max team restored the theatrical cartoons, they tended to just reuse the audio from preexisting broadcast transfers so the sound quality was typically not as good as the picture quality. Really hoping that has been remedied for this set. Thanks again, and I’ve already submitted a preorder.

  • Thanks Jerry really excited about this release. I’ve already got my pre-orders.

    I have one question though, are these the same transfers/restorations as the ones HBO Max/Me-TV with Photoshopped titles? As great as they look I remember the restored version of Daffy Doodles on Me-TV had some DVNR on a certain sequence.

    Still excited and planning to buy this set regardless. 😀

    • I know which scene, actually not DVNR. That’s from cel layering issues causing the camera to be a little mixed up, a Pink Panther has similar issues too

      • I was referring to the scene in which Porky was chasing Daffy around the building. If that was just a cel issue when they making the original short okay. These things were made by hand and was imperfect science.

        • That flaw was most likely there from day one. It also appears on the old laserdisc transfer and “dubbed version” verbatim. I too thought it was DNR when viewing the former a few years ago.

  • is it MOD or pressed discs? I’ve already pre-ordered so obviously this doesn’t impact my decision. Can’t wait!

    • I’m very certain these are pressed.

    • As an additional assurance, every single Warner Archive Blu-ray disc that’s been issued has been pressed.

  • Even though these caps were taken off a TV screen, they still look really good! Kudos to Devon and Jerry!!

  • I’ve been a collector of classic animation on physical media for a long time. For the record, I’m quite grateful that Warners is releasing this, and have never complained about any release. To illustrate the point, I sent Jerry an email thanking him, and George Feltenstein for their efforts (though I never heard back) Rest assured, I’m doing my part to make future volumes a reality!

  • Looking forward to this release. Thank you Mr. Beck for all you’ve done for classic animation. You sir a true national treasure. I appreciate you.

  • Already pre-ordered. I’m so excited! Thank you so much for your contributions to the animation community and let’s hope for the future!

  • I know some people stake high importance in specific releases containing exact titles, and things of that nature. And i am not knocking any of that, i am just wanting to say i am not an collector, i dont know years things came out, or what slides should go on which titles, i am just a casual fan. I only happen to know about any of this stuff because i stumbled into Steve’s thread at bluray forums years ago and just started ordering stuff from Thunderbean.

    If there is any way for warner to market this at all? whether its through MeTV, or some sort of ad ran on warner owned content, just stating classic looney tunes never before released on blu-ray (i know that is dumbing it down, but for the general public they may not really care about the details), they may increase their sales margin drastically. I know that would cost at some level, but if they ran ads on streaming platforms owned already, might make it worth it. Anyways just a arm-chair fan adding his two cents 🙂

    Thanks for all you have done Jerry to get this out, cant wait for my copy to get in.

  • This is going to be a great watch when it reaches me. Some of my favorite lesser-known shorts and my dad’s all-time favorite (His Bitter Half). I can hardly wait!

  • Considering this set has the remaining Three Bears shorts, was there any consideration to finish off the filmographies of more characters?

    I hope we get a volume 2. And I hope we get some Wolf and Sheepdog next time.

    • Getting out complete restorations for all the short-run characters was a priority when we were doing the Platinum Collections. As for now, all I’ll say is: It’s still a priority.

  • Why did you say on Stu’s Show that it was only beginning production, if it was going to be announced for May the week after?

    • Two reasons: First, I didn’t know myself it was going to be released in May. We were working toward a Fall launch. The marketing people let it “leak” the week after I was on Stu’s Show.

      And Secondly, the scanning process had just begun that week I was on Stu’s Show – it was all top secret and far in the future… I thought.

      • And your question is the very reason why Jerry is so guarded when talking about future titles.

        Thanks to your comment, in the future it will likely make him even more guarded than ever.

        (And one more reason to turn his Stu’s Show segment into not much more than “Jerry’s Cartoon Corner”)

      • By “marketing team”, do you mean George Feltenstein? He was the one who announced the set was coming in May on The Extras podcast late last month.

        You were there with him, Did he leak it early when he told you that you had seen the final menus and preorders would be going up soon?

        • No. By “marketing team” I did not mean George Feltenstein… I was on that podcast (“The Extras”) with George – and no he did not “leak” it early on that podcast. I was ON the podcast intentionally to discuss some of the contents of Collectors Choice with the listeners of the podcast. That was all arranged in advance. I’d rather not discuss the folks who leaked the title of the set – it was done unintentionally a few weeks before that podcast… long story and old news at this point.

  • Hi Jerry. I’m really looking forward to this release. I’ve been trying to find out if it’s going to be available from the recently-opened Warner Archive UK store as importing is becoming an expensive business. Do you know anything or someone who does? MC

  • Sigh…..

    Yes I pre-ordered. I have most of the cartoons multiple times on LaserDisc and DVD and starting again on Blu-Ray….The only format I never bought them on was any VHS version, aside from one compliation VHS tape that I have.

    What I really want are legal digital file formats, not tapes or discs. But I don’t think I will live that long. But something I could store and access online would be my personal preference.

  • As I said over at Intanibase, this is a great collection. The key word is variety, and the more Art Davis that’s released, the better.

    Any music only/music and SFX only audio tracks on this one?

    • Unfortunately, No. Not this time.

  • Definitely have my pre-order in. What’s great about Warner Brother’s Archives is most of their films include many great classic animated shorts as bonuses.

  • Will this also be available on streaming services like the Bugs Bunny 80th birthday set?

    • Not that I know of. The folks who sell the the cartoons to television (or streaming) are not connected (and many times unaware) of what we do in physical media. My guess is they will eventually go to streaming… but for now it’s our little secret.

      • Then pre-ordering the blu ray I shall! And buy a blu-ray player 😂 Can’t wait to see the restoration in all its glory. Thank you to everyone who made this set possible!

  • the inclusion of davis and tashlin cartoons makes me very happy. i can only hope HOLIDAY FOR DRUMSTICKS is a consideration for a potential future volume.

    i would be interested in hearing what exactly was the issue with BEANSTALK BUNNY’s negatives, so i’ve heard.

  • I have pre-ordered and am very excited for more Looney Tunes on HD physical media.

    Any hopes of the Platinum Collection blu-ray volumes being reissued by Warner Archive? I missed Vols. 1-2 and they command outrageous secondhand prices now. I would love to get them to complete my HD LT collection. If they will never be reissued, any hope of eventually double-dipping on some of the essential shorts down the road on later Collector’s Choice volumes?

  • Will the Collector’s Choice series, if it sells well enough for future sets, be limited to color cartoons only? Is there a chance we might see some of the cartoons from Porky 101 on Blu this way?


      Can’t talk about any of that at this time. I can only say: Anything is possible – and nothing is out of the question.

      • You have stated already that there are no plans to restore the 1950’s Popeye Cartoon. But perhaps if this thing is a good seller, maybe it will happen in addition to more volumes of LTCC. I hope. Also,EXCEPT FOR HALF PINT PYGMY, & UNCLE TOM’S CABANA I don’t know how many MGM Tex Avery Cartoons remain, so if there were to be volume 4, maybe it could include his WB stuff, except for the Crackpot Quail which we ALREADY have on Volume 3

        • Concerning the 1950s Popeye cartoons… There are no plans to restore the 1950s Popeye At This Time. We plan to do the 50s Popeyes some day – but cannot at this time.

  • The real dream, of course, is a la carte ordering: you pre-order the 15 or 20 cartoons YOU choose from the list of titles on the website (you input your list on a label template, which you would print out for the disc box artwork; clever?), and that’s the disc you get. Warner Archive tends to be taped-off-TV quality anyway.

    • The dream you outlined is indeed a terrific one. However, I have a feeling that that kind of dream would be underway in Warner Brothers future, after all, and I mean all the Looney Tunes and merry melodies cartoons are fully restored. This is yet another way Warner Bros. could use their vast cartoon library. People can curate their own hefty disk of titles. however, this Blu-ray collection is really going to be fantastic!

    • Ugh. As Jerry stressed so much on his post, the cartoons are completely restored. They are NOT “taped off of TV quality”. Besides, some people would not stand for that quality.

    • I feel like this is the only scenario in which we’d get the cartoons that would be too much of a PR gamble to release otherwise. A shame it’ll never happen, because I’d love to have pristine, uncut, HD versions of Nothing But the Tooth, Wagon Heels, Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs, and many of the Bosko shorts.

      • Yes!
        I especially agree with you that I would LOVE to see “Wagon Heels” on Blu-ray!
        (I’m guessing it might have been Bob McKimson who created the beautiful and fanciful “cartoon acting” performance of Porky’s horse character in this one!)
        Now, this one was on the DVD “Golden Collection”, why not this new release?

    • I would totally love to see that as a reality. It would be a win-win for Warner Archive and the consumers.
      I can imagine which individual cartoons would be bestsellers in that scenario. (I’d go for the yet to be released former a.a.p. titles and MGM odds and ends).

  • I can’t believe I’m about to turn 62, yet I’m just as excited now as if I was 19, when my serious cartoon scholarship started, at the release of this technicolor negative to video release. After growing up with scratchy TV prints and the occasional 16mm showing, this is a dream come true…keep going. Jerry (and Devon!)

  • You say we shouldn’t ask why a director(s) cartoons aren’t on this set, and just get this set so they can do another one (I ordered it), but is it alright not to be crazy about the selection?

    I found it great that many new wonderful transfers show up on HBOMAX and METV. Just wish some of the ones not shown on TV (for reasons we all know about) will be included in future volumes.

    It’s a shame, they probably have a New “Speaking of the Weather” in the vault.

    • That one’s already been restored on Golden Collection Volume 3.

  • I have preordered!

    Jerry, your dedication to the animation of yore is wonderful.

  • Thank you, George and Jerry, for doing the work of cartoon gods. Your efforts are very appreciated by many.

  • Since there is currently no plan yet to release the rest of the Popeyes to blu-ray, this doesn’t mean the series will be left incomplete from the 40’s, right? I’m just saying since the majority of the Avery’s got released completely—with only Popeye being the last one.

    • The original plan (five years ago) was to restore all the Paramount Popeye shorts – through the 1950s. A few things got in the way – including the pandemic, the company being bought and sold, and massive layoffs impacting every division. Meanwhile, physical media sales have plummeted. Budgets for home entertainment products have been slashed. With limited funds for cartoon restoration, the decision to pivot from Popeye to Tex Avery was carefully considered. And now that same deliberate thought has gone into the current “Collector’s Choice” direction. It’s our hope to restore the cartoon library – every piece of it.

      Many fans don’t understand. You may think “Warner Bros. is a multi-billion dollar company and can easily afford to restore the whole thing with a snap of the fingers”. It doesn’t work that way. A company – no matter how big – has to turn a profit on everything they do. Considering the costs of film restoration – cartoon restoration in particular – versus the sales figures… There are those in our fan community who understand that we are very lucky to be getting new restorations – even corrected restorations – at all, at this time. I thank all of you who continue to support our efforts.

      • Thank you for this response Jerry. I appreciate all that you and George did to fight for the cartoon library. It’s just that I’ve heard some rumors going around saying that you guys were finished with the series, or you’ve just completely scrapped the project entirely, I’d like to hear it from the man himself. And I appreciate you giving me a straight and honest answer.

      • “Corrected Restorations”? so are these new restorations? or the same restorations as HBO Max/MeTV but corrected?

        • The cartoons on this blu ray are new restorations – they are superior to the ones on HBO Max/MeTV.

      • Well said —– was loving Boomerang until they stopped showing classic Yogi etc. At least Mr F puts stuff out… what is sad is Paramount restoring serials (and Fleischer cartoons) and people want them, but they wont let them out.

      • That is true, but eventually Warner is going to have to restore all the shorts for preservation purposes. The censored 11 restorations will be preserved even if they might never see the light of day.

        • They will have everything restored, and sitting in the vaults, at some point, indeed.

          Likewise, at some point everyone involved in the asset management of the archives of big studios will be politically-correct, brainwashed nutcases that will seriously consider the possibility of discarding the assets as they see fit.

          Unless people like Elon Musk purchase big studios, that is the lost-media future that awaits 20th century cinema.

  • Let me add my thanks to Jerry et al. for their tireless efforts to make these films available. I pre-ordered the instant it was available and will happily do the same for future releases. Take my money – take it all!!

  • Looking forward to the release. Hoping that MALIBU BEACH PARTY makes the cut on future volumes. It’s one of my favorite cartoons. Not particularly funny, but the I’ve always admired the animation.

  • Just Pre-Ordered my copy. BTW: I don’t know if this has already been addressed on this site or not, but is there any information on the upcoming “Max Fleischer’s Superman” set coming out on May 16th? It advertises a new featurette, and also mentions that it’s “Newly mastered in high definition”. But I was wondering if that last part really means anything?

    Often times with music re releases the term “remastered” gets used make you feel like you are going to get some kind of audio upgrade, when all they have done is just make the audio a little bit louder and nothing more.

    The last official set of these cartoons from Waner and DC (which I own) was a DVD release. At the time they were supposed to be the best available transfers, so I am hoping that this new Blu Ray set offers a real upgrade.

  • With Two Gophers from Texas and Doggone Cats being re-restored for this set from their original camera negatives, I would like to know if those negatives were filmed in Technicolor or Cinecolor. I know both cartoons would be released into theaters using the Cinecolor process, however looking at the previous restorations on HBOMax and MeTV for those cartoons, they look like they were done using Technicolor elements. In fact, the only Cinecolor cartoon that (to me at least) looks to have been restored from Cinecolor film stock is Riff Raffy Daffy for the “Looney Tunes Super Stars’ Porky & Friends: Hilarious Ham” Plus, I recently noticed the blue ribbon reissue banner for both Two Gophers from Texas and Doggone Cats, as well as a couple of others, say “Print by Technicolor”, instead of the usual “Color by Technicolor”. It’s just something that has been in the back of my mind for a while and I don’t know where else to find an answer.

    • My understanding is that those were photographed in Technicolor, but the release prints were processed in Cinecolor. I’ve read conflicting information as to why this was done, from a strike at Technicolor, to clearing the release backlog to get shorts out to theaters faster. Maybe a future article can discuss this odd point in Warner history.

  • It’s really fantastic news. The collector’s choice angle is also wonderful, everything new to Blu-ray. Crossing my fingers there’s enough of an audience to support further volumes. Also casting my vote to include a black and white cartoon (or two!).

  • Is there going to be a release of Harman & Ising mgm cartoons on blu ray In the future? It would be nice to have them on something other than laserdisc. I know off topic just curious.

  • I hope this is the right forum for a little bit of research I conducted after Mr. Beck announced the final “cut” of cartoons that will be included in this new DVD.

    Here is a complete list of all 13 Bugs Bunny cartoons (1940-64) that will not yet have been released on DVD as of May 30, 2023, the proposed release date of this fine DVD (out of 168 Bugs Bunny cartoons, plus cameos). This includes a cartoon with a Bugs cameo that has never been released on DVD. Those listed with an asterisk (*) have, as far as I know, never been released on (authorized) home video at all, and I encourage corrections. These are in chronological order:

    (1) Elmer’s Pet Rabbit (Jones, 1941) – The second “official” Bugs Bunny cartoon, the first by Jones, and the _only_ one in which Bugs does not have his trademark buck teeth
    * (2) All This and Rabbit Stew (Avery, 1941) – Banned, of course
    (3) Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips (Freleng, 1944) – Pretty much banned, Released on both VHS and laserdisc back in the 1990s, and there was a huge public outcry among Japanese-Americans because of the Japanese racial stereotypes in the cartoon. It was dropped and replaced with “Racketeer Rabbit” (Freleng, 1946) in later printings.
    (4) A Feather in His Hare (Jones, 1948) – Controversial because of Indian (indigenous peoples) stereotypes? (I don’t know.)
    (5) A-Lad-in His Lamp (McKimson, 1948) – Noteworthy because Jim Backus is the voice of “Smoky,” the genie, in this one
    * (6) Which is Witch? (Freleng, 1949) – Controversial because of racial stereotypes?
    * (7) Pre-Hysterical Hare (McKimson, 1958) – with Elmer Fudd
    (*) (8) Horse Hare (Freleng, 1960) – w/Yosemite Sam – Bugs on the Western frontier – released only in the UK, on VHS, in their “Looney Tunes Video Show” series, which had a lot more volumes than the one in the U.S. It’s in Vol. 12, cartoon no. 5. Controversial because of Indian (indigenous peoples) stereotypes?
    * (9) Wet Hare (McKimson, 1962) – With “Blacques Jacques Shellacques” (as I like to misspell it), from “Bonanza Bunny” (1959)
    * (10) Devil’s Feud Cake (Freleng, 1963) – “Cheater” or “economy” cartoon with a bunch of old stuff from earlier Bugs-Sam epics
    * (11) Hare-Breadth Hurry (Jones, 1963) – Wile E. Coyote vs. Bugs, who is substituting for the Road Runner. As Bugs explains to us, the Road Runner “sprained a giblet.” The only one of the five Wile E.-vs.-Bugs cartoons that has, to my knowledge, never been released on home video at all. (I don’t care what other people think, I think it’s funny!)
    * (12) Dumb Patrol (Chiniquy, 1964) – World War I flying ace cartoon pitting Bugs against “Baron” [Yosemite] “Sam von Schamm.” With a Porky cameo (as Captain Smedley).

    And a cartoon with a Bugs cameo, never released on DVD:

    (“13”) The Goofy Gophers (Davis, 1947) – Davis’s second for Warners (after “Mouse Menace”) and, of course, the Goofy Gophers’ debut

    There is also _one_ Bugs cartoon that was released on DVD, but only with a movie (early 2000s):

    Fresh Hare (Freleng, 1942) – With Mountie Elmer Fudd (the portly version). On DVD with the movie “Captains of the Clouds” in the James Cagney Collection. Controversial because of the blackface minstrels at the end?

    I also went through _all_ of the cartoons with Porky Pig – starring, supporting, minor roles, cameos, everything. Thanks to that wonderful “Porky Pig 101” five-disk set that was released a few years back (I’m a big Porky fan), as well as a whole bunch of other DVD releases there are only _five_ cartoons with Porky (1935-65) that will never have seen the light of day on DVD (out of 154, plus cameos) as of May 30, 2023. Here they are:

    (1) Slightly Daffy (Freleng, 1944) – Color remake of Clampett’s “Scalp Trouble” (1939). Controversial because of Indian (indigenous peoples) stereotypes?
    (2) Nothing but the Tooth (Davis, 1948) – Gold prospecting. Likewise, controversial for the same reason as above?
    (3) Boston Quackie (McKimson, 1957) – Mostly Daffy. A parody of the TV series (and maybe also the earlier movie series) “Boston Blackie”
    (4) China Jones (McKimson, 1959) – Also mostly Daffy, Like the previous one, this one is a parody of a TV series from the late 1950s, “China Smith.”

    And a cartoon with a Porky cameo, never released on DVD (actually, the above two are pretty much Porky cameos too):

    * (“5”) Dumb Patrol (Chiniquy, 1964) – as Bugs Bunny No. 12 above

    … _And_ one Porkytoon that was released on DVD only with a movie (early 2000s):

    Brother Brat (Tashlin, 1944) – war theme, with women at work. Porky is a babysitter. Released on DVD with the movie “Uncertain Glory” in the TCM Spotlight Errol Flynn Adventures Collection.

    I’ve always kept up with the new releases. I have a pretty beat-up, and heavily annotated, copy of Beck’s and Friedwald’s “Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies” book with all that stuff in it, and a lot more. I hope this entry isn’t too much!

    – Jim Roebuck

    • It’s never too much! Thanks for that in depth Looney information. It’s appreciated.

  • Looks very good, Jerry. 🙂

    And this volume actually completes a secondary character series: The Three Bears! 😀

    I look forward to the next volume of this series! 😀

    Let’s hope it contains some cartoons that features some of these characters:

    1. Devil’s Feud Cake (1963) – Bugs Bunny and Yodsemite Sam
    2. Hare-Breadth Hurry (1963, Bugs Bunny’s final pairing with Wile E. Coyote in the Golden Age)
    3. Dumb Patrol (1964, Bugs Bunny’s final pairing with Yosemite Sam in the Golden Age)
    4. Boston Quackie (1957) – Daffy Duck and Porky Pig
    5. Aqua Duck (1963) – Aqua Duck
    6. Brother Brat (44) – Porky Pig
    7. Of Rice and Hen (1953) – Foghorn Leghorn and Miss Prissy
    8. The Dixie Fryer (1960) – Foghorn Leghorn (also Pappy and Elvis Buzzard’s second and final appearance)
    9. A Pizza Tweety-Pie (1958) – Sylvester and Tweety
    10. Hyde and Go Tweet (1960) – Sylvester and Tweety (Fan Favorite because of… MONSTER HYDE TWEETY!)
    11. Mexican Cat Dance (1963) – Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester (Only cartoon left out of the Golden Age of Speedy Gonzales before Termite Terrace shut down)
    12. Road to Andalay (1965) – Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester
    13. Cats and Bruises (1965) – Final pairing of Speedy Gonzales and Sylvester
    14. Wild About Hurry (1959) – Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner
    15. Hopalong Casualty (1960) – Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner
    16. Zip ‘n Snort (1961) – Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner
    17. The Goofy Gophers (1947) – Debut of… You know who!
    18. I Gopher You (1954) – The Goofy Gophers
    19. Ready, Woolen and Able (1960) – Ralph Wolf and Same Sheepdog
    20. A Sheep in the Deep (1962) or Woolen Under Where (1963) – Ralph Wolf and Same Sheepdog

    I would definitely go for Volume 2 if it meant getting more of the Post-1955 to Pre-1965 shorts. 🙂

  • This is wonderful news, Jerry! Thanks so much for all yours and Devon’s efforts and dedication in making these cartoons accessible. I currently do not own a Blu-ray player, but this first volume gives me an incentive to invest in one.

  • Just curious regarding the Popeye The 1950s set of toons, aka Volume 5…I heard it won’t be a Blu-Ray release but is there still some hope this plus the remainder of those shorts from that era and thereafter will still get a DVD release then? Just wanting to know is all as I’m keeping my fingers crossed this series will finally be completed on DVD as least. Thank you..

    • The answer to your query is the same one I answered above – we want to do the Popeyes from the 1950s but we cannot at this time. Whatever you heard about it just being released in DVD is not true. There was never any plan like that.

  • I’m just wondering If there’s gonna be a Harman Ising MGM blu ray In the future since we have almost all tex avery MGM.

    • Again, all I’ll say is EVERYTHING is on the table for restoration. But nothing is planned at this time.

  • Great news! I’ve pre-ordered mine. Jerry, thanks for your efforts to get these released.
    I sure hope WB represses the Platinum 1&2 sets someday or makes the content available in another Blu-ray set – I missed those because I have the Golden Collections.

  • Hi Jerry, I will definitely buy this blu-ray release in may. Do you know if there is any reason why the 5 remaining MGM Tex Avery cartoons are not included in the Tex Avery Screwball Classics collection?

    • If you can’t figure out the answer to that one yourself – I really can’t explain it to you. All I can say is George Feltenstein and I would love to put those – and every other animated short Warner Bros. owns – out on physical media. And we will continue to fight to make that happen.

      • I was hoping there was another reason. I’m glad you and George are fighting for them

      • I know you are probably contracted not to say this, but is a 4th volume with all the remaining shorts even possible?

        • Let me put it this way: there is no 4th volume being contemplated or in production at this time.

          Is it “even possible”? Maybe someday. It is not impossible, but for now it is not even being considered.

  • Here’s my take on how volume 2 should be laid down:

    A-LAD-IN HIS LAMP – Bugs
    AIN’T THAT DUCKY – Daffy
    BOSTON QUACKIE – Daffy & Porky
    BROTHER BRAT – Porky
    EACH DAWN I CROW – Elmer
    WILD ABOUT HURRY – Road Runner
    FOWL WEATHER – Tweety & Sylvester
    HYDE AND GO TWEET – Tweety & Sylvester
    A HOUND FOR TROUBLE – Charlie Dog
    HOBO BOBO – Robert McKimson
    SHEEP AHOY – Ralph & Sam
    DOUBLE OR MUTTON – Ralph & Sam

    Who agrees?

    • This is my idea:

      01. Apes of Wrath (Bugs Bunny)
      02. Henhouse Henery (Foghorn Leghorn)
      03. Dr. Jerkyl’s Hide (Sylvester, Spike & Chester)
      04. The Mouse-Merized Cat (Babbit and Catstello)
      05. A Bone for A Bone (Goofy Gophers)
      06. Sheep Ahoy (Ralph Wolf, Sam Sheepdog)
      07. Lighter Than Hare (Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam)
      08. Brother Brat (Porky Pig)
      09. Tweety’s Circus (Sylvester, Tweety)
      10. Design for Leaving (Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd)
      11. Snowman’s Land (NONE)
      12. Stork Naked (Daffy Duck)
      13. Feather Dusted (Foghorn Leghorn, Egghead Jr.)
      14. Egghead Rides Again (Egghead)
      15. Dumb Patrol (Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam) Sorry Jerry
      16. Dangerous DanMcFoo (NONE)
      17. A Hound for Trouble (Charlie Dog)
      18. Tweet and Sour (Sylvester, Tweety)
      19. Bone Sweet Bone (NONE)
      20. Slightly Daffy (Daffy Duck, Porky Pig)
      BONUS. Adventures of the Road Runner (Coyote, Roadrunner)

  • Why can’t it be both Blu-Ray and DVD, the people who have Blu-Ray players get to watch newly restored classics while people who have DVD Players get to watch an unrestored versions off internet archive.

  • Hiya Jerry! Very much looking forward to this set. I’ve just been gobsmacked the past few weeks seeing “Beanstalk Bunny” look so colorful! I wanted to ask real quick (and I apologize if this has been asked before), but will this set include commentary tracks? It’s no big deal because I know it’s not a standard Warner Archive inclusion. But ever since those DFE sets, I’ve been dying to hear what, say, Greg Ford might have to say about “His Bitter Half”. Thanks in advance, Jerry!!

    • Sorry – no commentaries on this set.

  • I’m excited as all get out, Jerry! Why anybody wants a Tom and Jerry GC when there’s a Spotlight Collection affordable is beyond even Dr. I.Q. Hi’s brain.

  • Mr. Beck all I can say is good luck for future volumes as Bugs and Porky cartoons that haven’t been released on DVD or Blu-Ray yet.

    Maybe Double Dip with the Golden Collections or Super Stars?

    *I already pre-ordered it.

    • technically that’s not double dipping since Blu-ray is on a different format

  • Just preordered! If a Vol. 2 happens, I can proudly say it was my fault!

  • If Volume 2 occurs I would definitely love to see:
    – More Daffy:
    1. Ain’t That Ducky
    2. Along Came Daffy
    3. Impatient Patient
    – Sam & Ralph:
    4. Sheep Ahoy
    5. Double or Mutton
    6. Ready, Woolen and Able
    – Speedy
    7. Mexican Cat Dance
    8. Road to Andalay
    9. Cats & Bruises
    – Tweety
    10. Fowl Weather
    11. Tom Tom Tomcat
    12. A Street Cat Named Sylvester
    – Remaining Hubie & Bertie
    13. From Hand to Mouse
    14. Fair and Worm-er
    – Final Babbit and Costello
    15. The Mouse-merized Cat
    – Remaining Charlie
    16. The Eager Beaver
    17. A Hound for Trouble
    18. Dog Tales
    – Henery Hawk
    19. The Squawkin Hawk
    20. Henhouse Henery
    21. Leghorn Swoggled

  • This set is a delight so far! I’m new to serious physical film collecting and love listening to George Feltenstein talk about old films in the Extras podcast. His and Mr. Beck’s enthusiasm was so infectious about this set that I preordered it on a whim. I then semi-forgot about it until it arrived yesterday. To be honest, I was second guessing my decision to purchase somewhat. I’m of the age where I fondly remember the shows of these cartoons from the 80’s. But would they hold up?

    Well I found out when I put the disc in the player. For starters, these cartoons have been restored BEAUTIFULLY. Such detail, and incredibly vibrant colors. And second of all, I soon found myself bursting out with laughter. Repeatedly. Was a bit surprised how much I was enjoying the zany antics! I only got to watch 4 or 5 before getting sleepy so I have more to look forward to.

    What a treasure! George and Warner Archive are really a godsend for fans of vintage films. Sign me up for Vol. 2!

  • Are there any plans for them to release a 2nd Bugs Bunny Box set to go with the 80th Anniversary edition?

    • There are no plans to do so at this time.

  • No.

  • This is a great release Jerry and I love it !!! One question I have not related to this set but why was some of the Looney Tunes cartoons up to season 32 taken off of Max?

  • I’m concerned that the cartoon “Believe it or Else” appears to have been remastered/restored by Max off the 1990s dubbed, censored version, therefore that becoming the “official” library version. Please consider the uncensored version for a future release.

    Also there are several post-1948 cartoons which have had original rings found and have circulated. Examples are “Fast and Furry-ous” , “For Scent-imental Reasons” and several others. Also please consider restoring these on future volumes.

  • Let me add another cartoon worthy of consideration for a second volume. “From Hand to Mouse” i1944 – Jones, Maltese) is not on any current home video collection, and is available only on an old laserdisc. Any network that shows it, including MeTV, censors the part where the mouse disguises himself as a Zulu native,

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