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Lantz Oswald on DVD


Today I’m just going to sit back and rave about a new DVD I watched this past weekend. This is a an unabashed plug for Steve Stanchfield’s latest DVD release, a co-production with Del Walker’s Retroflections, featuring a collection of Walter Lantz/Universal Oswald Rabbit cartoons (and several Disney Oswalds with Lantz soundtracks). It also features some rare Theatrical and Television commercials from the 50s, plus a collection of cartoon shorts from many of the Lantz studio’s other series. All mastered from original film prints, with hundreds of hours of restoration, Lantz Studio Treasures starring Oswald is a must-have.

Here, take a peek:

Lantz_cover200If the clips above didn’t convince you to order this today – I’ll discuss some of the contents, each of which is worth the price of the DVD set alone. Let’s skip the main attractions: eight jazz-age early Oswald Rabbit cartoons, beautiful transfers, each with original titles, covering nine years that reflect the growth of the animated cartoon during its golden age. These are great, but it’s the bonus materials that will leave you gasping.

Nine bonus Lantz theatrical cartoons are included – ranging from early silent Bray Jerry on The Job/Col. Heeza Liar shorts, extremely rare Dinky Doodle and Unnatural History films (starring Lantz himself), 1930s Meany, Miny, Moe and L’il Eightball films and the best darn print of the Ipana-sponsored Boy Meets Dog you’ll ever own. There are also art galleries that collect the posters, drawings and model sheets, information on Lantz’s history and a 1967 Walter & Gracie newsreel.

But forget all that – Stanchfield has collected an array of oddball Lantz commercial/industrial films, most of which I’d ever seen before. Here’s the real gold in this collection (in my humble opinion). These include:

Team Play with Andy Panda (1952) for the Electric Autolite Company, stars Andy, girlfriend Miranda and Oswald Rabbit (all voiced by Dick Beals) – a beautiful Technicolor theatrical commercial.


Ali Baba And The Thieves (1953) and Little Red Riding Hood (1953) beautiful, fully animated theatrical cartoons for Coca-Cola.

Carnation Quick Oats (and an alternate version for Alber’s Quick Oats) features Woody Woodpecker showing you how to draw a woodpecker!

• A 1958 Kelloggs Rice Krispies one-minute TV spot that is more entertaining than any Woody theatrical from the era.

It’s going that extra mile that makes the Thunderbean DVDs so great. If you are a Lantz collector, an animator studying classic cartoons, or simply a fan of cartoon history – you need this collection of archival material. Lantz Studio Treasures starring Oswald is now available on Amazon for a measly $14.95. Buy it and help preserve classic animation.



  • Jerry, I read your review and IMMEDIATELY ordered one. THANK YOU for the heads up.
    – William Carroll, Denham Springs, Louisiana

  • Jerry:
    I’ll definitely be purchasing this soon! I’m a Lantz fan,and like you said,the bonus material alone is well worth it!

  • WHOA! I adore Christmas in June!!!

  • This looks awesome! I think I’ll get it!

  • Steve S + Lantz = instant purchase.

  • Looks great. Can’t wait to get one.

  • I ordered this and the rare Oswald disc a few weeks ago. Still anxious to find it in my mailbox. The transfers on the Oswald look astonishing. Great work, Steve!

  • Thanks, Jerry ! Seems like I ordered it just in time . The waiting is the hardest part.

  • Is there a Thunderbean title that’s NOT a must-buy?

    Surprised to see that 50’s Oswald. I thought Lantz had abandoned the rabbit well before that, once Woody and Andy Panda had taken root — either as a matter of creative pride or because Universal owned Oswald, while Woody & Co. were Lantz’s own.

    • DBenson, my idea, exactly. The two Walters had always been close friends, and Lantz might have felt, after C.Mintz’s contractual taking the “Lucky Rabbit” away from Mr.Disney, that it was time to create characters of Lantz’s, an obvious guilt case since working with Walt’s former character (pre-Mickey) for Universal and Mintz/Margaret Winkler would clearly cause an argument between the “two Walts”.

      Take care


  • They could have used a better image for the DVD cover. I have never seen a red eyed Oswald before.

    • I like those eyes… makes the cover a little more colorful.

  • I ordered a copy on Friday along with a copy of the cubby collection. can’t wait to get them!

  • Jerry, I didn’t even finish reading your review before going to Amazon to order this. I can’t wait to see TEAM PLAY.

  • Oh boy, you made my week! So glad, as always, that Steve is out there. Sure wish that the major studios would get the message!!

  • It is so great, and incontestably important, that Steve does this wonderful work. The major studios, especially WB, need to figure out a way to work with him so as much classic animation is restored and released as possible!

  • I talk with Steve Stanchfield every Memorial Day weekend at the CineVent Film Convention in Columbus. Last week he showed me some clips from this Lantz Collection but couldn’t sell it yet!
    Told him he’s very visible now at Cartoon Research. He was very glad about that and really likes Jerry Beck.
    I always thank him for all the work and research he does on animation. The guy is so likable and humble and if you want to know a little about his personality and looks – think Radar O’Reilly from M*A*S*H*!!

  • Upon receiving my DVD, I wrote to Thunderbean in care of Amazon, just to inform them of a possible technical glitch on one of the menu screens, and to my surprise, got a personal email reply from Steve Stanchfield. So not only am I impressed with the rare film content, menu design, music, and packaging, I’m impressed that Steve took a few moments to message me back.
    Thanks Steve!
    Sincerely, William

  • Upgrade to Blu-ray in 2021?

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