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Jerry Beck Event Calendar

Time-out for another update of my forthcoming classic cartoon screenings in the L.A. area. Here’s just a few of the animation programs I’m doing between now and New Years. If you are in L.A. or plan to visit the area, please coordinate you plans around these shows. You’ll be glad you did!

First up, this Saturday October 25th at 5pm, my annual compilation of scary cartoons at The Cinefamily in Hollywood. My annual Cartoon Spook-tacular! A selection of strange, creepy Halloween-related cartoons using vintage prints in 16mm and 35mm that range from ghoulishly red Eastmancolor to gorgeously garish Technicolor. Prepare to be dazzled by animated witches, warlocks, goblins, pumpkin-heads, black cats and everyone “from Koko The Clown to Casper the Friendly Ghost”, as well as creepy classics starring Oswald Rabbit, Flip The Frog and Popeye. Be prepared, foolish mortals! You’ve been warned! Advance tickets can be purchased here.


The American Cinematheque at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater will be having tribute to The Genius of Stan Freberg: 70 Years of Creative Entertainment on Sunday, November 2nd at 7 pm.

This special evening (principally organized by Howard Green and Mark Evanier) will be hosted by actor Harry Shearer (The Simpsons) and will feature special appearances by “Weird Al” Yankovic, Micky Dolenz, animators Bob Kurtz and Eric Goldberg and, strangely enough, me! I’ll be introducing clips from Stan’s greatest Warner Bros., UPA, Disney and Republic cartoons!

We’ll be screening tons of clips and many other celebrities will drop by to pay tribute to Stan himself – who will of course be there in person. Now whether he will arrive via rickshaw pulled by a Chun King advertising executive I cannot say… but I wouldn’t miss this event for the world.

Tickets to the Stan Freberg event Nov. 2nd at the Egyptian in Hollywood are now on sale. Click Here!


On November 29th and 30th I’m screening a program of Film Noir Cartoons at the Skirball Cultural Center as part of their Light and Noir film series. I’ll be screening these cartoons twice each day – and its intended as a “family show”. Considering all the guns, booze and cigarettes consumed by Sylvester and Goofy in the cartoons I’m screening… I’m not sure how this qualifies as a family show.


Hey, I’ll be running How To Be A Detective, Duck Pimples, The Last Hungry Cat, Superman in Showdown, The Great Piggy Bank Robbery and more. And if you’ve never been to the Skirball – off the 405 near Mullholland – that’s worth the trip by itself. More info posted on their website.


Once again – after a one year hiatus – the Alex Theatre in Glendale will be hosting The Greatest Cartoons Ever! This all-new fourth edition of this event takes place Saturday, December 27th at 2 & 7 pm and presents eight great cartoon shorts from the golden age of animation, projected on the large Alex Theatre screen as they were meant to be seen. Great characters, great films and an incredible movie-going experience. Frank Gladstone and I will be there to introduce the program. More info click here.


I’m not even going to plug my monthly film screenings with Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood (first Thursday of every month); or my various panels at CTN Expo (November 21 – 23 at the Burbank Marriott)… I’ll tell you about those later. I’ll be quite busy the next few months – as you can see.


  • You’re sure to get into trouble selecting a handful of greatest, which will automatically leave out many favorites. But that shouldn’t stop you from divulging the list.

  • I’m on the wrong part of the planet to attend any of this stuff, but I’ve gotta say that’s one hell of a great trailer for the Cartoon Spook-tacular.

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