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May 2, 2024 posted by Jerry Beck

Here Comes “MeTV Toons”

First off, here’s the official press release:

Weigel Broadcasting Co. announced the launch of an all-new national television network, MeTV TOONS, dedicated exclusively to the very best of classic animation, from Hollywood-era shorts to made-for-television favorites. In this new collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery and Weigel – the company behind the top rated MeTV Network – MeTV Toons will welcome dozens of the world’s most loved classic cartoons to this new destination, harkening back to the glory days of cartoons on TV with familiar friends including Warner Bros.’ most famous animated characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, George Jetson, Top Cat, Yogi Bear, Popeye, Johnny Quest and Fred Flintstone, to name just a few.

Alongside Warner Bros. properties, other beloved cartoon characters joining MeTV Toons include Rocky and Bullwinkle, Woody Woodpecker, Casper, Betty Boop, Speed Racer and more. The network will be available for multi-platform distribution on over-the-air broadcast television, traditional MVPD’s and virtual MVPD’s, along with a complimentary offering for ad supported streaming services.

“We are honored to work with the amazing team at Warner Bros. Discovery and others on this network and bring together a truly incredible collection of the world’s best known and most loved classic cartoons, creating a new destination for everyone to discover or rediscover the sheer joy of watching cartoons on TV,” said Neal Sabin, Vice-Chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co. “MeTV Toons will be dedicated 24/7 to showcasing the biggest names and most beloved classic cartoons and animated characters. Everyone has a favorite cartoon; it is a universally loved art form. We are thrilled to bring those smiles and memories back to TV with MeTV Toons.”

“Neal and the team at Weigel have been long-standing and innovative licensing partners of Warner Bros. content for decades,”, said David Decker, President of Content Sales for Warner Bros. Discovery. “Having some of the Studio’s most iconic animated characters all available in one place is not only great for fans of classic animation, but also just super fun!”

MeTV Toons will launch June 25, 2024, as the only TV network destination dedicated exclusively to classic animation. Accessing an extensive library of the very best classic animation ever made, sourced from a wide variety of studios and distributors, MeTV Toons is destined to be one of the most distinctive and unique networks on television.

Joining MeTV Toons to share their years of animation expertise and enthusiasm are noted animation author, historian, and executive Jerry Beck, and character voice actor Bob Bergen. Jerry Beck is well known for his numerous insightful and entertaining books on American animation and classic characters, including The 50 Greatest Cartoons, The Hanna-Barbera Treasury, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Warner Bros. Cartoons and many other works. For MeTV Toons he will help produce original content that will expand and enhance the viewing experience. Four-time Emmy nominee Bob Bergen is a multi-talented voice actor and host, well known for voicing Warner Bros. characters Porky Pig, Tweety, Marvin the Martian and many others. For MeTV Toons he will be the signature voice of the network, bringing the MeTV Toons brand and viewing experience to life with his announcing and acting prowess. Both Jerry and Bob are respected ambassadors for classic animation. Their talents will help make MeTV Toons a unique world-class destination for animation fans.

The MeTV Toons network joins MeTV, Heroes & Icons, Start TV, Catchy Comedy, MOVIES!, Story Television, Dabl and MeTV+ in the Weigel family of national broadcast TV networks.

Jerry here:

Beyond the press release, everyone should know that there is much I CANNOT talk about (yet) as to what this new network has planned… but if you know me, read my books, know my blogs, you’ll have to take my word that this announcement today is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s go over what I can tell you: Number one – this is not another “Boomerang”. As best I can describe it – think 1992 Cartoon NetworkTIMES 100. On steroids. Available for free. Everywhere.

It’s an over-the-air channel (like your local MeTV digital sub channel). And with your help, by consumer demand, it will also be available on a variety of cable systems and streaming services.

In addition to the entire Warner Bros. library of animated shorts, series and features (which you all know: Looney Tunes, Popeye, MGM, Tex Avery. etc), we’ll be mining the vaults at Sony (Columbia, UPA), Universal (Lantz, Harveytoons, Underdog, etc) and other major studios… We will also be resurrecting classic TV shows unavailable (in some cases) for over 50 years. Tip of the iceberg. Rocky and Bullwinkle, Speed Racer… stuff I can’t tell you about yet because we want to surprise you throughout the first year.

The are NO PLANS for this channel to ever produce new animation (as Cartoon Network did). This is a Classic Cartoon channel devoted to the history of animation.

Also, check out the website: CLICK HERE.


  • This is indeed good news, and lives up to your hype from this morning. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what this network has in store for us. Here’s hoping for a daily dose of Crusader Rabbit and Ruff and Reddy! (Long shots, I know, but what is an announcement like this for if not to hope for the near-impossible?)

    • Ruff and Reddy is more likely

      Crusader Rabbit is the most unlikely given it’s likely under Disney’s iron fists at this point due to its complicated history of ownership

      • I wonder about Ruff and Reddy. Dave Byer, who was the most recent programmer for Boomerang told someone on Twitter that Boomerang didn’t have the rights.

    • Ruff and Reddy and Quick draw mcgraw have a chance. I don’t believe Crusader Rabbit does though.

  • Holy Molly The Moo Cow!

    When you said a big announcement, you weren’t kidding!

    My biggest hope for the network is that you’re able to find a place for Tommy Stathes and Steve Stanchfield and their collections — so as to give them a new source of funding to help with their preservation work!

    • Dan, as a customer of both of those fine gentlemen, that is an OUTSTANDING idea. I’d watch those blocks religiousl and record with my Plex servers.

  • Quite literally, a dream come true!

  • Wow!

  • Im so stoked!!!!!!!!1

  • I also wanted to say that I sure hope TerryToons find their way onto this channel!

    • My thoughts exactly.

  • So glad that this channel is going to happen! 2 questions:
    1. Will it be available on YouTube TV
    2. Since the Paramount cartoons will be part of it, does that include Screen Songs too?! It would be cool if it was.

    • The only Paramount cartoons you’ll see on the new network are the ones you are currently seeing on Me-TV.

  • Any listings of stations on board for the inagural run?

    • I suspect every metro area with a set of over-the-air Wiegel Broadcasting channels will have this one added to it.

  • Hoyoyo! I’ve personally been lamenting how the dream of a “one-stop shop” for celebrating the medium of animation never came to fruition. Even with Cartoon Network, they mostly only got as far as their own library. The promise that this will serve as a strong beacon for animation history has me excited! Congratulations Jerry!

    • Also, looking at the website–I understand not everyone who reads Cartoon Research will share my sentiment, but I’m looking at the website right now and I’m stoked by the amount of newer cartoons that seem to be confirmed. Freakazoid, 2 Stupid Dogs, Duck Dodgers, Xiaolin Showdown?? The trailer confirms Inspector Gadget; god, I didn’t expect the DiC floodgates to open. Combined with the 20th century classics and even some of the wackadoo picks (is it really a retro-Cartoon Network successor without stuff like Mr. T and Captain Planet?), this really is shaping up to be the greatest non-channel-specific hits of any given Cartoon Network era. Cramming all of animation history into one place; now that’s my style. I hope this goes even further and we can live in a world where we have a channel where Bugs and Daffy are on at 7pm, an out-of-nowhere anime comes on at 7:30, and we just swoop back to a Hanna-Barbera cartoon at 8 like nothing ever happened.

      • Yeah it’s nice to see newer stuff on there as well, I hope this means long forgotten shows like Teamo Supremo and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action are on the table as there’s still a number of episodes of those shows currently missing online.

        • Teamo Supremo is Disney. So they can’t get that.

  • What I want to know is how we’re going to get Mobile Suit Gundam on there.

    well, here we go again!

    • Huh?

  • This sounds EXACTLY like how Cartoon Network started out: a collection of everything. The resurrecting of rare shows intrigues me the most.

  • Fantastic news! Sounds like the Sunday night ME TV + cartoon block will be spreading its wings. Congrats Jerry!

  • So Gandy Goose will finally have a place. Won’t he? Hmmm? And Sour Puss too. (I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to get this on my TV. YouTube TV currently doesn’t have MeTV.)

  • Part of me is curious. With the confirmed relationship with Sony, as well as the promise of classic anime (such as Speed Racer,) do you think it could be possible to license classic anime in partnership with Sony Pictures’ Crunchyroll? I feel that a late night classic anime block (akin to Cartoon Network’s Toonami, but with more focus on classic and niche programming) could be interesting. Either way, I’m excited to see what the future entails!

  • We are not going to see shows like Teen Titans Go show up on this network right away?

    • No.

      • would it be possible for older Cartoon Network shows to be rerun eventually, or is that exclusive to Checkered Past?

    • Doesn’t Teen Titans already have their own network called Cartoon Network?

  • Yes! This will begin a new animation revolution. The same way Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon did in the 90’s.

    • Teen Titans is not coming to this network.

  • Hoping this channel will be on FrndlyTV or ota in The Detroit area.

    • From Indications I’ve read, (And beyond the Sizzle Reel, press release and Jerry Beck’s commentary, I don’t know any more than anyone else does) I suspect if not at Launching, Frndly TV will probably have the network at some point. Which would be good because I have Frndly TV specifically for MeTV-Plus and some other services not available over the air in Northeast Ohio.

      • Same here in NE Ohio. We have FrndlyTV as well. Hope they add it in June or at least soon thereafter.

  • Holy crap! The promise of “1993 Cartoon Network on steroids” is genuinely incredible…when I first heard the rumours I was already looking forward to this, but all these great shows and MORE being confirmed is wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE on TV after it vanished from airwaves for decades.

    And even though you probably can’t say yet, with you at the wheel, I can’t help but wonder if we’re going to get programming not unlike what you’ve done at CN, like a TOONHEADS spiritual successor for instance. I guess only time will tell…now I REALLY wanna get TV again.

    • Oh yes, a resurrection of Toonheads would be phenomenal!

  • I will start campaigning the local Xfinity provider to reserve a spot. At what I pay per month, they owe me!
    And, MeTV, please, please keep “Nice Guy” Bill and his erroneous factoids far away. I don’t want lame “comedy” bits and introductions to Buddy Buzzard cartoons marring my viewing experience.

    • Welp, this looks like the beginning of something special.

    • Honestly, I thought the segments have improved since last year and I only found only one error he did get wrong recently (I forget which one).

      • So you enjoy the cooking demonstrations and interviews with area entrepreneurs, do you? I feel like I’m watching one of the local “lifestyle” shows rather than a cartoon compilation program. They also should deep-six any segments with that irritant, Mr. Quizzer.
        Maybe if they would use the filler slots for–just spitballing here–something animation-related, I wouldn’t be wearing out the fast-forward button on my remote.

        • Gee whiz, I said it way improved since that one actress left. Besides, the host segments are better than some cartoons they air.

  • I just heard…wow speechless

  • “I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to get this on my TV. YouTube TV currently doesn’t have MeTV.”

    That’s what I’d like to know too. I recently switched over to YouTube TV as well and it has no MeTV. Am hoping I’ll get MeTV Toons when it is launched (even though I have most of those cartoons on DVD). I don’t want to be left out.

    • It’s a bit too early to explain how you can get the channel in your area – When it launches we will have a full channel line up available.

      • Thanks, Jerry. Looking forward to it.

      • Thanks Jerry. When the time comes, I will be interested in knowing how to HELP encourage outlets like FrndlyTV or Roku TV to carry this new channel. Thanks for all your hard work.

      • Jerry:
        As you have might seen there are some rare copies on
        You Tube of Casper, Little Audrey, and even Screen Songs with REAL original Paramount titles
        I sure hope that’s the version we get.

  • As stated, I immediately thought of what Cartoon Network was when it was initially launched. The introduction of original material is what eventually lost my interest in the network. (Not a big loss, since I acquired the GAOLT laserdiscs at the same time).
    While I will still always favor going to physical media for classic cartoons (not cuts and for titles that can’t be shown on TV), there’s something enjoyable about watching them on a live feed (as I did in the 90s, when I was seeing these for the first time).. I’m glad that we’re getting a true reincarnation of Cartoon Network/Boomerang without any of the garbage.

  • What channel will. It be on DirecTV

  • Is it going to be on spectrum tv

  • Is it on spectrum tv box and app

  • Man this is epic thank you Jerry for doing this I just hope terrytoons will be included

  • Man this is epic thank you Jerry for doing this I just hope terrytoons will be included (they are long due for restorations)

  • I’m on Verizon FIOS, we have METV I’m hoping they’ll have METV Toons also. This looks great even better than Boomerang.

  • Okay WOW! I’m speechless.

    The only real thing I can say is,

    “You Know What? I’m Happy!”

  • This is great news, and congratulations to you, Jerry, for your efforts in making it possible. But…. “Available for free. Everywhere.” Even in Australia?

    Well, even if I can’t watch MeTV Toons right away, I’m happy for those who can. Enjoy!

  • Very exciting, Jerry! This will allow so many to enjoy this wonderful animation! Congratulations!


    Just the selection of theatrical cartoons alone is staggering…I don’t think any TV channel in history has had this many at a time. Warner Bros., MGM, Universal/Lantz, Columbia, and Paramount (and the addition of Casper means they probably got the other Novel/Harvey stuff on top of the Popeye and PD cartoons MeTV already had.)

    Then they’ve got the Hanna-Barbera library, Bullwinkle, Underdog, Inspector Gadget, Speed Racer, Freakazoid… freakin’ HEATHCLIFF?! When was the last time some of those were shown on TV?

    • Inspector Gadget and Heathcliff were last reran on LightTV (now TheGrio). Glad to even see the new MeTV Toons acquire some shows from the WildBrain library. Wonder if the new diginet is also acquiring stuff from the Nelvana (i.e. My Pet Monster) or BRB Internacional (i.e. Dogtanian, Willy Fog) libraries, too.

  • Awesome news! I hope this means we’re going to see cartoons that haven’t aired in decades like Camp Candy, The Comic Strip, Turbo Teen, Space Cats, etc(maybe even The Power Masters dare I hope).

    I’m also hoping we’ll get to see the computer colorized versions of LT shorts like Kristopher Kolumbus Jr and Porky’s Ant(maybe even ones that were colorized but were never broadcast due to content such as Robinson Crusoe Jr and Scrap Happy Daffy)which haven’t been seen in decades.

    • I know Camp Candy and maybe the Space Cats (I think) are owned by Disney due to their ownership of Saban (Space Cats was produced by Marvel Productions whose library was brought to Saban, who also distributed the show internationally), but I don’t know if Weigel can secure broadcast rights with them (it’s surprising that the classic Disney characters like Mickey aren’t announced yet, especially since they play a part in animation’s history!).

      The Comic Strip and Turbo Teen are owned by Warner, so I can definitely see those turning up on the network.

      • I thought Disney sold their ownership back to Saban a decade ago.

        • They only sold the Power Rangers and its related IPs back to Saban; the rest were kept

  • Theatrical cartoons are perfect for ad-supported TV because you don’t have to interrupt them. I realize that they can’t show everything, but can it at least be that what they do show they show unedited?

  • This is amazing news! This being over the air, I am very curious to see how things like Casanova Cat and Mouse Cleaning will be handled. Like, will controversial subject matter be censored, or will shorts featuring it will be skipped entirely? Also, I really hope one day Disney can be convinced to include their classic shorts too.

  • Has there been any discussion about METV Toons selling animation blocks in syndication to local networks that can be used for programming on Saturday mornings or whenever?

  • I can’t wait for this network! I just hope that New Orleans will get an affiliate of MeTV Toons!

  • The lineup announced thus far is top shelf! Hoping to see classic Hanna Barbera & with luck George of the Jungle will make the cut!

  • This is absolutely wonderful news! Here’s to the success of this channel.

    I hope this stirs Warner Bros. into restoring more of their cartoons, because now there will be an outlet for them. I also hope such a network stirs up the desire in new collectors to want to own these things fully restored on Blu-ray and/or DVD. Well worth our time and effort, and wow, will even be able to stream it? This is almost too good to be true, and I hope there are no snags down the line. Seriously wish you much. Good luck on this. We need a network like this, like I’ve always said. I know you said it too!

    I’m going to spare everybody along, long list of cartoons that I’m hoping will show up on this network, along with many documentaries on cartoons often forbidden these days and why. People should know what animation festivals of the 1970s were like. And hey, you can even run cartoons now like “Courageous Cat“. Wouldn’t it be nice to even pull out episodes of “QT hush“? Now that I would love to see!

  • be nice if they had a Hanna Barbera super hero block. space ghost, herculoids, Samson, shazaan, might Tor.

  • Jerry,
    Is there a chance that some of the historical cartoon shows that used to run on Cartoon Network like Toon Heads or The Tex Avery and Chuck Jones shows or something new that will be similar similar be part of the schedule? I’d love to see that! Thanks!

    • I don’t know about the old CN shows (some of which I worked on) – but we are planning new “historical” shows and interstitials. I think you’ll be pleased.

  • awesome don’t understand why it has taken so long to get something like this. a mix of all the classics nothing modern.will be my new channel to watch for sure.

  • This is the kind of news that stops you in your tracks. As I started reading I indeed was starting to think ‘so it’s a reincarnation of Boomerang’ but then I got to Jerry’s words that it’s ever so much more than that, and my jaw hit the floor. Peak Cartoon Network for me was late 90s/early 00s with things like the annual June Bugs marathon, Toonheads and The Popeye Show, plus Late Night Black & White and uncensored T&J during the late night hours.

    Here’s hoping this truly recaptures those bygone days! I can’t wait to learn more!

  • I hope this means we might be getting Fox and Crow. It’s crazy that I got so excited seeing Touche Turtle in the pictures around the trailer. I feel like this is the channel I’ve been waiting for all my life. No lie! Thank you, Jerry, for your involvement with this!

  • Should the Mickey Mouse cartoons from 1928 will be included on that network?

    • That would be insane and hilarious. I would love it! A special hour-long program of mice cartoons, starring Speedy, Jerry, Mighty Mouse, Sniffles, Hubie & Bertie….and public domain Mickey!!

  • Love it . would like to see programming arranged like it would have been 50 years ago .Looney tunes and the.Mighty Hercules ,Mr Magoo and others in the morning . Shows like Speed Racer , Milton the Monster and the Mighty Heroes in the afternoon . And weekends filled with old Saturday Morning content .. I would certainly love to help with this

  • “HERE I COME TO SAVE THE D-A-A-A-Y-Y=Y! MIGH-TY MOUSE! (I hope! I hope!)

    I’d also be happy with nice-looking episodes of the original ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNK SHOW!

    It all sounds, great, Jerry!

  • This looks and sounds amazing 🙂

    I may or may not have already e-mailed the local MeTV affiliate as well to see if the channel will be on in Seattle-Tacoma(the media market closest to where I live)’s Xfinity systems… 🙂

    Seriously though, as someone who grew up watching Cartoon Network in the mid 1990s(our local Tacoma area Viacom Cablevision system added it around maybe 1995/1996 or so) and loving all the old school shows on it, I am definitely looking forward to this…

  • Oh! This is really exciting!
    By the way, is there a possibility that some of the Noveltoons (or Harveytoons as they’re called sometimes) might get restorations in the future? It seems like one of the “Casper” shorts in the commercial was a ‘Harveytoon’ print. Will the Color Rhapsodies get new restorations?

  • Thanks to all involved for getting this off the ground! My wish is for a Saturday morning lineup from the 60’s & 70’s. Maybe some Filmation?

  • Amid’s article on his website mentions Terrytoons as part of the package.
    Yet yours does not.

    Given your love for Terrytoons, maybe he’s allowed to talk about things that you “CANNOT”?

  • I hope MeTV Toons will be on Dish! I am super hyped up for a lot of these shows, especially Rocky And Bullwinkle, the 80s Richie Rich show, Casper, and Speed Racer. I wonder if the later Paramount cartoons will show up, as I personally enjoy a few of them, mainly the Swifty and Shorty shorts and Horning In [the only King Artie short].

  • To Jerry and to all who helped make this channel possible, sincere thanks. Hoping for Pink Panther cartoons sometime in the future, but the current lineup looks great.


  • This is fantastic news and I’m excited to see this roll out!

    One question: will all the shows be shown in HD?

    I see some in the preview were not. I hope we get Rocky & Bullwinkle, Beetlejuice and others in full HD quality (and original aspect ratio).

  • Wow! I’ll definitely be figuring out my tv situation when the time comes. No cable for me, but streaming would be great or over the air might work. Great news, and I’ll stay tuned!

  • For those wondering about broadcasting of MeTV Toons, at least according to their release…

    “MeTV Toons will air in all markets where Weigel owns stations — including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and St. Louis.”

    So those who have an antenna to get TV signals will get it first on stations like WJLP in New York, WZME in Bridgeport, CT (though both stations have towers in New York), WCIU Chicago. KAZA in Los Angeles, KAZD Dallas, KYAZ Houston and KNLC St Louis.

    You can find out what stations Weigel owns on its website.

    Cable will take some time to develop. But for those who have cable or streaming like FrndlyTV which airs MeTV and MeTV+, get those letters and emails sent in asking them to put MeTV Toons on…like right now.

    For us to know Jerry has his hands in this…you can bet there will be nothing but the best.

    But I wonder if this will affect Toon in with Me on MeTV or MeTV+’s Sunday Night Cartoons block?

    • Weigel in March 2022 bought low-power Channel 35 in Cleveland and rebranded it WOCV-CD in September, 2022. They air Catchy Comedy, Story TV and EMLW (Infomercials). The station covers Cleveland and Akron, but not much further south without an outside antenna or cable coverage. Hoping Frndly TV picks up MeTV Toons soon after launch. I’d be willing to take a price increase for this. Not believing the possibility of specific programs they would air..Some that were never on Cartoon Network..

  • Thank You!!!!! Please don’t take it away….. Ever.
    Please and Thank You

  • Thanks for all you put in Jerry for making this happen. Nothing says more than an all out cartoon channel that’s not automated. Question though, about the Harveytoons, are they getting a new project for them to be in HD? Or is it still being reran they way they were on Boomerang along with the new Richie Rich?

  • From Mark Evanier: “More exciting for some of us is that our friends Jerry Beck and Bob Bergen are involved — Jerry as a consultant and as a producer of new content to run before and in-between classic cartoons, Bob as the signature voice of the channel.”

    “New content?” Are we talking brief “bumpers” here?

  • more importantly, will the cartoons be run in their original format, or will they be edited for “insensitivity” issues? such as Tex Avery’s Magical Maestro.

  • This is a nice decision, I hope they add more anime to the list…

  • This is great that we finally have a new network that will ACTUALLY be for everyone, unlike Cartoon Block and Adult Swim Network.

    Signed, an 17-year old animation fan.

    It’s sad for me to have to say the last line, isn’t it?

    Overall, great job, and I look forward to seeing what this network has in store Jerry Beck!

  • I’m excited about the upcoming June 25th launch of MeTV Toons—seeing this new Classic Toons network coming to over-the-air TV is fantastic! I recently upgraded to a Televes DAT BOSS antenna and a dual tuner ZapperBox, and I’m seriously considering canceling YouTube TV since 75% of what we watch is already available OTA or through other services like Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

    I’d love to see “Wait Till Your Father Gets Home” on the lineup. It’s a classic for sure, though we don’t know yet if it will be included. Fingers crossed it makes the cut!

  • This looks like fun! You can pull out random Saturdays Morning from old TV Guides and recreate the lineups!

  • While I do believe the network is a great idea and all, I wanna ask a question in my view that is important, will this network be just like the other Weigel networks (minus Movies! and MeTV+) where 4:3 shows (not shorts) are stretched into 14:9 and any shows (not shorts) presented in 16:9 are sped-up/time compressed for additional ad slots/converted into 30fps despite being shot in 24fps (ala how Night Court is on Catchy Comedy, Gunsmoke is on MeTV (these days) amongst several other examples I could name).

    I have a bad feeling this may possibly happen upon launch, granted, I do not expect everything on the network to be like this, but I do believe it’s important to present (no matter what shows are acquired) everything in the way it should be intended and not make it about money, when I see this line especially “resurrecting classic TV shows unavailable in (in some cases, for over 50 years).”, I do raise concern as I care very much about how shows are treated and not simply brush them off to the side, I hope I’m proven wrong. Thanks.

  • Thanks so much to you Jerry! And to MeTV, also! As an absolute nut for classic animation, I can’t wait to see what happens. I have no requests, no asking for aspect ratios or original title cards. It’s impossible for me to fathom that something like this would ever come to fruition. Like all of the Looney Tunes, Popeye, and MGM physical media, I will appreciate what I get, warts and all.

    Wait. I just thought of something else. Maybe Thad Komorowski and Bob Jaques could resurrect some form of their deceased “Cartoon Logic” podcast. Having two actual wise (not to mention “wiseguys”) would add some history and, if needed, some spicy opinions.

  • A weekly Van Beuren showcase would be nice.

  • Will your new cartoon channel be broadcast in Atlanta, Ga.?

  • Please, no original content.

    • Not even if Jerry is involved?

  • @Eric When a slew of WB material was binged the other weekend on Catchy Comedy, it looked like the remastered stuff that’s been out on video… they weren’t compressed that badly. However, given my local system’s tendency to add new sidechannels slowly and not right after they’ve opened up, I’m not expecting this one on the announced date. My housemate caught part of the Catchy WB binge, and might like this toons channel.

  • I hope this comes on the Xfinity Platform.

    I have MeTV on Xfinity

  • How about the old “Super friends” cartoons. And He-Man and She-Ra should be up there too.

  • You just made a 53 year old man tear up

  • No metv on hulu live so guess I’m out. Dang. Wish hulu live would get this. Also, most of these shows has been requested for the boomerang streaming service by fans for a decade and that app has not added anything new for a year!

    Happy to see gobots. Shame paramount owns the movie. Any chance of adding 80s pac-man and saturday supercade or the dukes of hazard cartoon or wake rattle and roll with yogi bears fender bender 500?

  • Will we see the 1960s Hanna-Barbera Fantastic Four, which Disney apparently doesn’t have the rights to?
    Or the Hanna-Barbera “Saturday Superstar Movie” pilots like Lost in Space…which had only Jonathan Harris as Dr Smith from the original cast?
    Or more of the original Japanese versions of 1960s shows like Gigantor (Tetsujin-28), 8th Man, or (bet nobody here remembers this one) The Amazing 3 (which featured aliens with advanced tech who ended up in cute animal forms while visiting Earth and interacting with humans)!

  • Same old story. On the rare occasions Warner Discovery actually does something good, they forbid Jerry to talk about it in detail. “Physical media is dying, so the wisest course of action is to put out Looney Tunes DVDs and BRs without giving the public any info whatsoever.” Now they’re scared to death that we’ll find out an all cartoon channel is launching.
    And I’m the idiot here for thinking advance publicity might boost sales.

  • what streaming service r u going to be on

  • Hi Jerry..Great news…Will the shorts be censored? I understand some racial stuff will not be shown, but smoking bits were also cut, like the ghost smoke doughnuts in Jeepers Creepers.

    • Here are two facts: 1. This channel is NOT aimed at or geared toward kids. It’s intended for adult viewers. 2. We at MeTV Toons have NO plans to edit cartoons. However, we may receive edited cartoons from their owners/distributors.

      We at the channel respect the adult audience these cartoons were originally intended for. Don’t be quick to judge. The channel from day one will evolve and grow over the first year. Give us time. Fan feedback will be encouraged.

  • Are there any plans to show, with some type of context, cartoons that were permissible when made but are deemed inappropriate for broadcast today? I can understand advertisers not wanting to touch a show like that with a 10 foot pole but I would say that most people under 55 years old haven’t seen them in so long that they’ve forgotten them and people younger than that have never seen them at all and don’t believe they ever existed. It was a real part of American entertainment (and not just cartoons) and burying shows doesn’t make the social and racial attitudes go away but does make it easier to deny that there ever was a problem.

  • Awesome. As a 63 year old retiree, I am looking forward to reliving my childhood 24/7. Hope to see Superfriends, along with Bugs, Daffy, Porky Pig, Thundar the Barbarian, Rocky and Bulwinkle, Jonny Quest Thank you.

  • I hope that it will be shown on Xfinity on Chicago. They got rid of METV+ about two years ago. I really miss watching The Mod Squad.

  • Are we going to have to pay for this extra channel?

    • No,

  • Jerry, as a longtime animation historian and writer, you’ve always been an inspiration to everything I do ever since I first caught your name in Of Mice and Magic long, long ago, so to see you involved with MeTV Toons in any capacity told me all I needed to know about what kind of channel this is going about. Hearing Neal Sabin talk about the channel and the library you all have access to has filled me with optimism I haven’t felt about television animation in a long, long time. I know I can’t ask about anything that hasn’t been announced for the channel (fingers crossed for Hanna-Barbera’s Toth-guided action cartoons, Godzilla, Astro Boy, ThunderCats, The Comic Strip, Voltron, Robotech, and The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest), but I wish all of you folks at MeTV Toons all the success in the world. And I can’t wait to see it, hopefully on the same channel where MeTV is a subchannel in my part of the word.

  • Oh, my goodness! This is the best news I have heard all week. Seeing a cartoon channel that embodies what Cartoon Network used to be is something us animation fans have been waiting a long time for. Also, it’s exciting to hear about Bob Bergen’s involvement, too.
    Thanks and congratulations, Jerry!

  • My Wish list
    Hanna & Barbera: Huckelberry Hound Show, Yogi Bear Show, Quick Draw McGraw Show, Scooby Doo Where are you, Josie & the Pussycats, 1977 Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape/Mumbly Show, The Banana Splits, Blue Falcon & Dynomutt, Captain Caveman, Johnny Quest and the Super friends.

    Ruby/Spears: Fang Face, Thundar the Barbarian, The Plastic Man Comedy/​Adventure Show, Heathcliff and Dingbat, Alvin and the Chipmunks, 1988 Superman

    Filmation: The Superman/Batman Hour, The New Adventures of Batman (1977). Aquaman, SHAZAM!, The Secrets of ISIS, Tarzan Lord of the Jungle, The Archies, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Groovie Goolies, The New Adventures of Gilligan’s Island, Star Trek: The Animated Series, He-Man

    DePatie-Freleng: Pink Panther, Ant & Aardvark, The Inspector, Mr. Jaws, Roland & Rat Fink, Crazy Leg Crane, The Tijuana Toads, The Odd Ball Couple, Baileys Comet.

    Grantray-Lawrence Animation/Krantz Films: 1967-70’s Spider-man

    Terry Tunes: Mighty Mouse, Heckel & Jeckel

    Harvey Toons: Casper, Baby Huey, Heeman & Kat Nip

    Rankin/Bass: The Jackson 5, The Osmond

    DIC: Inspector Gadget, The Littles, Heathcliff and the Cadillac Cats, ALF: The Animated Series

    David H. DePatie, Doug Wildey, Friz Freleng: Return to the Planet of the Apes.

    Lee Gunther, David H. DePatie, Friz Freleng: Spider Woman

    Jay Ward, Bill Scott, Alex Anderson: Rocky & Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-Right, George of the Jungle, Under Dog, Go Go Gopher

    Sid & Marty Kroft: H.R PufnStuf, Lidsville, Dr. Shrinker, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

    Japanese Cartoons: Astro Boy, Prince Planet, Star Blazers

    As well as others: The Real Ghostbusters, Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

    • Nice, but let’s leave those Kroft shows out, they’re live action.

      Also on my wishlist:
      The Beatles (King Features)
      Mother Goose and Grimm (MGM-UA Television/Film Roman)
      Nelvana cartoons (e.g. Funpak, Ned’s Newt, Stickin’ Around)
      Hamtaro (ShoPro)
      The Raccoons (Gillis-Wiseman)

      MGM Animation:
      The Pink Panther (1993 series)
      All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series

      Universal Cartoon Studios:
      Fievel’s American Tails
      The Land Before Time (TV series)

      Peanuts TV specials and movies
      The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

      Yoram Gross/Flying Bark:
      Blinky Bill (1992-2005)
      Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown (1997)

  • I can’t contain my excitement!

  • Speaking purely from personal opinion, this is a dream come true! Of course, getting Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, and Casper were easy grabs due to prior connections to WB and Universal, but to get stuff like Marine Boy, Freakazoid!, and Xiaolin Showdown? Now we’re talking!

    I’ve heard from another source on YouTube that they’ve also added Mr. Magoo and Thunderbirds, with plans to add Ghostbusters to the lineup. Whether this means Filmation or DiC, I don’t know for sure. Hoping for both.

    Granted, a guy like me can’t have something this open-ended without laying out some requests. Super Friends and ThunderCats are shows I’m shocked haven’t already been revealed yet, even though we have SilverHawks and Krypto the Superdog on the website. And since we have Freakazoid, that should mean Animaniacs is on the table, right?

    But outside the jurisdiction of Discovery’s whipping mule, I’d be happy to see some love for the public domain stuff, courtesy of Thunderbean Animation themselves. Pairing up a Van Beuren Tom and Jerry, an MGM Tom and Jerry, and a 70s Hanna-Barbera Tom and Jerry together for an episode of Cartoon College would make for an interesting half-hour history lesson, I’d say.

    All in all, I hope for the best that this channel flourishes as long as possible, and that I can watch it where I live. I know I’ll toon in.

  • Hello Jerry, good to hear from you for a long time. It has been a while since I been here and luckily enough, I heard this news. Congratulations, it is well deserved.

    I know Weigel has done work with CBS for Decades for several years, but sadly In my honest eyes – Weigel really tried honestly with the stations that had Decades to produce things but again there was very little if any communication from CBS or its stations in helping that concept out. It really was truly something different and would have been greater if more archival work from the news divisions on both Paramount Global (and the lone ABC station in Green Bay).

    I know, that this time it will be different. I have reservations – I and others have been here before as mentioned just above. But I trust you Mr Beck. I been gone a long while and I miss looking at this site and the history of this animation medium and all the tragedies that came for the years i been away but I hope June 25 will be a re-celebration of the history of this grand story that I have always love and forever love.

    Godspeed, Mr Beck.

  • I’m in Canada. Hopefully there will be a way for me to watch this. Can’t wait!!!

  • Will see any Silver Hawks and Tiger sharks because Thundercats is a fan favorite?😁

  • I didn’t read through all the comments, but I sure hope that this includes some of the uncensored cartoons from the past. The way they were meant to be seen ! also some of the Mr. Magoo’s that had Charlie the Butler‘s voice altered because of political incorrectness.

  • I live in Toronto and struggle to get Buffalo’s MeTV affiliate over-the-air, so odds are not good I’ll be able to watch this channel, but I wish you guys the best. It’s great to see someone investing in animation’s history beyond the lazily programmed FAST channels you see on some services.

    I see some people have mentioned anime before me. If you’re looking for suggestions, Nippon Animation’s library might be a good unorthodox pick. They’ve adapted lots of western literature over the years, so while their versions (which are typically fairly faithful) might not be well known in the Anglosphere, some of the root stories are. I know there are dubs for Anne of Green Gables, Future Boy Conan, Jungle Book, Maya the Bee, Swiss Family Robinson, Tom Sawyer, etc. They’d be good for more subdued/slice-of-lice programming slots.

  • Please bring back Snorkels, the Archie’s, Kathy Keenee, Groovie Goolies, Laverne & Shirley, Beetlejuice, Strawberry Shortcake, the Smurfs, Sabrina the teenage witch, the Adam’s family, Meri Melodies, Care bears, Mr Magoo, I dream of Jeanie, Josie & the pussycats, Jem & the Holograms, Gilligan’s Island, Inspector Gadjet, Mork & Mindy, the Littles, Happy Days!!

  • Any way to get to watch this in Europe? Any way we can put pressure about it?

  • A couple of things I’m hoping for are…

    “Clutch Cargo” and “Space Angel” — I haven’t seen all the “Space Angel” episodes as it was never broadcast in my area.

    And the very first Marvel cartoons — I’ve never seen them! Would also like to see the early Spider-Man cartoons. You know, the ones with the famous theme song!

    And I hope you find a spot for the SuperMarionation shows! (Even though some may disagree.)

  • This is indeed a huge risk to be taken. A network dedicated to only classic cartoons is most welcoming, considering how ripe the retro community is. Is it possible to order jingles from Dallas’s JAM Creative Productions for the new MeTV Toons?

  • will they show classic christmas cartoon during the holiday season like baby smurf first christmas yogi first christmas and others

  • I hope Spectrum cable (with no extra charge, I hope) picks up this channel b/c I love the classic toons..Johnny Quest, super friends,etc..i don’t have access to boomerang..which sounds boring compared to this channel..keeping fingers crossed

  • Thanks Jerry, you are the best!
    1. Original Openings, credits and bumpers wouldn’t be a dream.
    2. New documentary is great. Would also love the return of Toonheads, Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett Shows.
    3. Beany and Cecil, Hoppity Hooper, The Alvin Show

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