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Fleischer Christmas Party Photo 1936


Pardon me if this image (above) has been posted before and identified… I can’t recall if it has. I just received a large jpeg of this incredible photo – too large to post in one piece – of the attendees of Fleischer Studios Christmas Party in 1936. Can you identify any one in this picture. I see Max way in the back, I see Dave Tendlar… but who else is there? Jack Mercer? Izzy Sparber? Myron Waldman? Where?

I divided the large image into six pieces (below, click thumbnails to enlarge). Open them up and if you think you can attach a name to one of these faces, we’d love to know




  • I see Abner Kneitel on #3 – far screen right in the second row facing the camera.

  • Nick Tafuri on #5 – screen right standing in from of the couple.

  • WOW- am I jealous!– what a fantastic photo— immediately recognized Dave Tendlar– I’ll have to spend some time with it to see if I can recognize others— Very Best (you lucky guy!!), Ginny M.

  • Willard Bowsky, Dave Fleischer, Seymour Knietel (Ginny – please verify) – #3, Max Fleischer – #7, Myron Waldman – #8.

    • Hi Bob– Sorry I’m late in replying— I just found these amazing enlargements!— And yes- I do believe you’re right, that is my dad in #3— I have to spend more time with this and see if I can identify more———

  • Elsworth Barthen – #7, right of middle, front row.

  • My dad, Joe Deneroff, #3, upper left hand corner, with the crown, glasses and mustache and light gray suit.

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