March 20, 2024 posted by Jerry Beck

Cartoons On The BIG Screen

Charles Gardner, our usual Wednesday columnist, is taking a much-needed break this week (He’ll be back to continue his series on Circus life in cartoons next week). So that allows me a rare opportunity to fill this space with some plugs for upcoming appearances and public screenings of note.

First off let me plug my annual appearance later today on Stu’s Show – the video podcast I’m been appearing on for almost 20 years. It’s at least a 3-hour show where all things cartoons are discussed – and several rarities are shown. There are many ways to watch the podcast live (and Free) today at 7pmEST (4pmPST) – but the best way is either to watch the embed below – or go to the Stu’s Show website and check out all the options there.

I want to make a quick comment to all of you who will be listening in for the latest news of cartoons on physical media: I will not have much news to report tonight. Oh – that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of activity on that front: there IS! A LOT! I just cannot legally discuss it right now. I am involved in several major DVD/blu-ray projects that are coming… and classic cartoon projects beyond that.

In fact, I can practically guarantee 2024 will be a MAJOR year for fans of classic Hollywood animation – the theatrical shorts, the TV shows prior to 1980, everything – you’ll see! Official announcements will be made soon. Stay TOONed!

In the meantime, here are a few things I want to bring to your attention. First up…

Producer Arnold Lebovit will be appearing on Stu’s Show tonight to discuss his nationwide plans for Puppetoons on the big screen.

Arnie will be announcing his May 22, 2024, once in a lifetime Double Feature Event in Los Angeles. Restored Oscar-Winning Puppetoons & 4K The War of the Worlds will be screened at the Fox Westwood Village Theater in Los Angeles (the theater recently purchased by Steve Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Judd Apatow, Bradley Cooper, Guillermo del Toro, James Gunn, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Christopher Nolan, Seth Rogen and over a dozen other major filmmakers. This is the first attraction at that theater under its new management).

Guest Stars Joe Dante (Director Gremlins), Ann Robinson (star of War of the Worlds), Arnold Leibovit (Producer-Director The Puppetoon Movie, The Time Machine 2002) – and surprise appearances – will attend. A night not to miss – Arnie even hints, “…you might even meet a Martian!”).

Tickets / Info:

Facebook Events Page:

If you are in, or can get to, Los Angeles – GO!

On Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be attending The Columbus Moving Picture Show, in Columbus Ohio – mainly as a spectator – to enjoy some classic movies and check out the dealers room…

However, as part of the convention, I will introduce several 3D cartoons (Famous Studios’ Boo Moon will be one of them) on the big screen at the Wexner Center. These cartoons will precede the debut screening of the restored 3-D B’wana Devil (the 1952 Robert Stack jungle epic that started the whole 3D craze of the 1950s)! That will be at the Wex at 7:30pm on Wednesday May 22nd. See you there!

I will also be attending the Nancy Fest at the Billy Ireland Museum that same weekend. Not sure how I will be in two places at once – but I will!). Nancy Fest is a two-day celebration of Ernie Bushmiller’s comic strip, Nancy. This event will serve as the opening reception for The Nancy Show: Bushmiller and Beyond, on display at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum May 22 – November 3, 2024. In addition to the opening reception, festival events will include panels and presentations from a variety of Nancy aficionados and cartoonists, the debut of “Spend a Morning with Ernie Bushmiller,” a play about Bushmiller’s life by comedy writer Tom Gammill (Seinfeld, The Simpsons), and other surprises. More info and the full schedule of events are online on the NancyFest website.

A couple of other events in Southern California:

“HOLD IT” – A Fleischer Color Classic

UCLA Festival of Preservation – 10am April 6th – RESTORED ANIMATION CLASSICS – Hammer Museum

Admission is free. No advance reservations. Seats are available on a first come, first served basis. The box office opens one hour before the first program of the day.

Check out this program of newly restored classic animation from the UCLA Film and Television Archive. Much of it funded by Asifa Hollywood, featuring Fleischer Color Classics, a rare pre-Code Farmer Alfalfa Terrytoon, plus Van Beuren and other studios. More info on the Festival website.

The Old Town Music Hall – April 27th – 2:30pm and 7pm

I’ll be back at this classic movie theater (with a Wurlitzer Organ) to put on two programs of animated classics. The afternoon matinee will be aimed at all audiences, curated cartoons with families in mind. The evening show will slant a little toward the grown-ups, with Betty Boop, Flip The Frog and maybe a few items notching towards politically incorrect. Should be a blast! More at this LINK.

The New Beverly Cinema – Cartoon Club – Second Saturday mornings at 10am

I’ll be honest, I don’t know when the next meeting of our 35mm Technicolor Cartoon Club will be – I believe its in May (May 11th). But check the website calendar here in two months – and we will see. It’ll be back – and I’ll be there!

As for other things: I’ll be at Wondercon in Anaheim California next week – Saturday March 30th at 1pm showing a so-called World’s Greatest Cartoons program; I’ll be at the big San Diego Comic Con July 25-28 where I’ll once agin do my Worst Cartoons EVER show.

I probably forgot something. But basically that’s what I’m up to for the next few months.


  • These are all very exciting programs, but those of us who live far from the cultural centres of Los Angeles and Columbus will have to be content to wait patiently for news about cartoons on physical media. It sounds as if this year has a lot of wonderful surprises in store for lovers of animation, and I look forward to hearing about these developments as they eventuate. In the meantime, best wishes for all of these upcoming events!

  • Will Nancy Fest play host to a Five Card Nancy tournament?

  • Someone still needs to do a theatrical festival of all the cartoons featuring the “audience member silhouette” or any other gag that assumes the cartoon is being watched in a theater and thus looks awkward on television.

  • I was wondering if you would ever get around to experience The Columbus Moving Picture Show (formally Cinevent)! I’m hoping I get to see you on that Saturday.

  • I’m a few days late to this Web page, but I saw it a few days ago. Mr. Beck, when you wrote (above) about classic theatrical cartoons being made available on DVD/Blu-Ray for the first time within the next year or so, boy, that got me goin’. I have been speculating about – what could they be? – ever since. I’m very much looking forward to ANYTHING you might be working on!

    I have my preferences, of course, but I’m sure I’ll love whatever you’re involved in. I regard you as the Pope of Cartoons.

    (And Steve Stanchfield is one of the cardinals.)

    Thanks for the news, and besta luck!

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