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Beware the Leprechauns!  (Part 3)
Animation Trails
March 25, 2020 posted by Charles Gardner

Beware the Leprechauns! (Part 3)

Bejabbers! Those wee men are everywhere. Not content to continue to invade both big and small screens, they even find a way to mix their roguish pranks and shenanigans into…

The Bronze Age 2
Christopher P. Lehman
April 1, 2019 posted by Christopher Lehman

The Bronze Age 2

By looking at 1972 month by month, it becomes clear just how transitional the year was in moving animation from the Silver Age to the Bronze Age.

May Reviews and Updates – Part 2
May 31, 2017 posted by

May Reviews and Updates – Part 2

A few more reviews today: that new Taschen book on Disney Features, Jim Korkis on Disney’s Gremlins, and DePatie-Freleng on DVD and blu-ray.

Animation Anecdotes #269
July 1, 2016 posted by

Animation Anecdotes #269

“Spider-Man On The Move” was a half hour special, narrated by Stan Lee (“The only problem with comic books is that they don’t move… until NOW!”), that shows how an TV cartoon is put together from initial idea to final animation.