RKO Van Beuren


Welcome to the Cartoon Research page devoted to artwork, objects, original titles and miscellania devoted to the Van Beuren Studio (1930-1936). This is a place where all sorts of odds and ends will end up about this studio – during its talkie era years.

AESOP’S FABLES STORY BOOK (1931): Animator Aaron Neathery sends us these scans from a cool picture book drawn by the Van Beuren staff (click on images to enlarge):


TOM & JERRY STORY BOOK (1933): David Gerstein sent in this scan from a Tom & Jerry story book licensed by the Van Beuren studio:


OFFICIAL FILMS 16mm Home Movie boxes: “Cap’n Cub” was NOT a Van Beuren release – it was independently made by the Ted Eshbaugh Studio in 1943. Cartoon Researcher James Tucker sent me a few Van Beuren/Official Films home movie boxes (see below):


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Written, compiled and copyright ©2013 by Jerry Beck

Thanks to Jim Tucker and Paul Mular for the home movie boxes.