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The Ray Abrams Archives – Part 4: Studio Crew Photos

Today’s look into the Ray Abrams archives (courtesy of his son William Abrams) consists of several animation staff group portraits (click on each to enlarge). Several of these have appeared in books and publications – and their are a lot of famous names pictured. If anyone wants to post a breakdown of who-is-who in each, we welcome that in the comments below.


These two are from Ray’s days with the Winkler studio, on Western Avenue in Hollywood. That’s Charles Mintz with the cane in the center, flanked by George Winkler (checkered sweater right) and Hugh Harman (open collar, left). Rudy Ising on the far right, Friz Freleng (hands in pockets) – Ray Abrams is second from left (white shirt and tie). The second photo below (sans Mintz) they rearrange.

mintz-abrams-600 mintz2-abrams-600


The Walter Lantz Studio on the Universal lot in 1934.



The MGM Cartoon Department outside their building, in Culver City, in 1953. Good luck trying to ID everyone… but if you squint you might spot Ray and few other famous names among the crowd.

MGM-Abrams-600 MGM2-Abrams-600

Ray loved cars – and here are two pieces he created featuring some characters racing around town.

oswald-car-abrams600 mobnkeys-car-abrams600

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