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The Haunted Duck
The Other Disney Cartoons
October 26, 2020 posted by JB Kaufman

The Haunted Duck

The Donald Duck cartoon “Trick or Treat” (1952) was designed specifically as a Halloween attraction, and in succeeding years it has become a cult favorite among cartoon fans.

Disney’s  “Duck Pimples”
October 12, 2020 posted by Devon Baxter

Disney’s “Duck Pimples”

I have been anxious to write about this title since the launch of this series and now, in the spirit of the spooky Halloween season, it’s finally here!

Reign of the Supertoons (Part 1)
Animation Trails
October 7, 2020 posted by Charles Gardner

Reign of the Supertoons (Part 1)

Many a toon has donned mask and cape, either in the hopes of fooling others into belief that they’re a superhero, or in a psychological effort to fool themselves into believing it too.