Cartoons For The Confined
March 19, 2020 posted by Steve Stanchfield

Cartoons For The Confined

This week I’m putting together some thematic cartoon play-lists for the coming weeks as we all hunker down. Here’s a few ideas for mine – including a beautiful new transfer of UPA’s Rooty Toot Toot.

Beware the Leprechauns!  (Part 2)
Animation Trails
March 18, 2020 posted by Charles Gardner

Beware the Leprechauns! (Part 2)

The glory days of theatrical animation were passing on, and several studios, to quote an oft-used Irish phrase, were “not long for this world.” But two studios in particular would return to mining the realm of the leprechauns

“Song of the South” Animation
March 13, 2020 posted by Jim Korkis

“Song of the South” Animation

With Disney+ not including Song of the South in its offerings, it once again ignited the controversies about the film that are often based on misunderstandings and urban legends.