Animated Movie Guide 3


 (part 3 of 6) 1992 to 2000


Below is a checklist of every animated feature released theatrically in the United States, in order of release, from 1992 to 2000.


160. ROCK*A*DOODLE (4/3/92) Samuel Goldwyn. 77 mins. (partial live action) D: Don Bluth. A rock & roll rooster named Chanticleer moves to the city and becomes a big star. Without the rooster to crow up the sun, the farm becomes a rained out nightmare, controlled by an evil owl, The Grand Duke. A little boy, transformed into a cat by the Duke, leads the farm animals to the city to bring the rooster back.

161. FERN GULLY: THE LAST RAINFOREST (4/10/92) 20th Century Fox. 74 mins. D: Bill Kroyer. Evil spirit Hexxus, imprisoned in an enchanted tree, is released by workers leveling a rain forest. One of the crew, Zak, is reduced to pixie size by a winged sprite, Crysta. With the help of the fairy kingdom, and a burnt out laboratory escapee, Batty, the battle commences against the forces of evil.

little nemo
Little Nemo


162. BAREFOOT GEN (7/3/92) Tara (Japan). 85 mins. D: Masaki Mori. The aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, as seen through the eyes of Gen, a six year old. Based on autobiograpical comics by Kenji Nakazawa. San Jose release (Tara’s first official playdate) above – Played film festivals previously

163. COOL WORLD (7/9/92) Paramount. (partial live action)102 mins. D: Ralph Bakshi. Burnt out cartoonist, Jack Dweebs, withdraws into his cartoon creations, the Cool World, where sexy “doodle” Holli Would uses him to become human.

164. LITTLE NEMO: ADVENTURES IN SLUMBERLAND (7/24/92) Hemdale (Japan) 85 mins. D: Masami Hata, William Hurtz. Little Nemo, hero of his dream world, Slumberland, accidentally unleashes the evil Nightmare King. Together with his companions, Icarus his flying squirrel, Professor Genius, and a trickster named Flip, Nemo travels to Nightmare Land to rescue King Morpheus and win the hand of lovely Princess Camille.

165. BEBE’S KIDS (7/31/92) 73 mins. Paramount. D: Bruce Smith. Robin takes Jamika, her small son and three bratty neighbor children, Bebe’s kids, to an amusement park.

166. FREDDY AS F.R.0.7. (8/28/92) Miramax (British) 90 mins. D: Jon Acevski. Secret agent Freddy the frog battles against evil Aunt Messina and her partner El Supremo, who plot to take over the world.

167. THE TUNE (9/13/92) October. 69 mins. D: Bill Plympton. Del, a forlorn songwriter, is given 47 minutes to write a hit tune, or else.

168. THE PROFESSIONAL: GOLGO 13 (10/23/92) Streamline (Japan). 95 mins. D: Osamu Dezaki. A hit man, Duke Togo alias Golgo 13, matches wits with a wealthy American.

169. ALADDIN (11/11/92) Disney. 90 mins. D: John Musker, Ron Clements. Trapped in an underground cave by evil Jafar, poor thief Aladdin finds a magic lamp, containing a zany genie, who turns him into a prince.

170. NEO TOKYO/SILENT MOBIUS (11/20/92) Streamline (Japan) Two short Japanese features released in the U.S. as a double bill. NEO-TOKYO: 50 mins. D: Rin Taro, Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Katsuhiro Otomo. A trilogy of fantastic, futuristic tales: Taro’s Labyrinth about a girl who follows a cat; Kawajiri’s Running Man about a racer fused to his race car; and Otomo’s Order To Stop Construction which pits a manager against machines building a city. SILENT MOBIUS: 50 mins. D: Michitaka Kikuchi. A special unit of the police, six women of unique abilities, fight demonic entities loose in Tokyo.


171. LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND (3/11/93) Anime 21 (Japan) 108 mins. D: Hideki Takayama. Student must battle space creature who enlists women to his cause through rape and torture.

172. VAMPIRE HUNTER D (3/26/93) Streamline (Japan). 80 mins. D: Toyoo Ashida. A half-breed vampire travels the world killing other vampires, comes across Count Lee, a demon trying to lure lovely Doris to be his next bride.

seven dwarfelles
Happily Ever After


173. MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (5/7/93) Troma (Japan) D: Hayao Miyazaki. Two little girls, living in the country with their father while mother recuperates at the hospital, discover a mythical Totoro creature.

174. HAPPILY EVER AFTER (5/28/93) First National. 74 mins. D: John Howley. Snow White escapes an evil King by entering a forest where seven Dwarfelles (female dwarfs) befriend her. A Filmation production.

175. TOM AND JERRY THE MOVIE (5/28/93) Miramax. 80 mins. D: Phil Roman. Tom & Jerry end their feud when they meet Robyn, a runaway girl in search of her father, who’s being chased by her evil Aunt Figg.

176. MACROSS II: LOVERS AGAIN (6/4/93) Tara Teleasing (Japan) 134 mins. D: Kenichi Yatagai, Quint Lancaster. Earth tries to keep the alien Zentradi at bay with laser beams, fighter ships and bubblegum pop singers!

177. ONCE UPON A FOREST (6/18/93) 20th Century-Fox. 80 mins. D: Charles Grosvenor. In the idyllic forest world of Dapplewood, three young critters go on a journey for an herbal antedote for the poisonous chemicals which are hurting the forest inhabitants. A Hanna Barbera production.

178. WICKED CITY (8/20/93) Streamline Pictures (Japan). 90 mins. D: Yoshiaki Kawajiri. A police detective is assigned to guard a delagate negotiating a truce between the human world and the demonic “Black World”.

179. NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (10/13/93) Touchstone Pictures (Disney). 75 mins. (stop-motion) D: Henry Selick. Jack Skellington of Halloween Town takes over Christmas from Santa Claus. Re-released by Walt Disney Pictures in 3-D on 10/20/06.

180. WE’RE BACK! A DINOSAURS STORY (11/24/93) Universal. 72 mins. D: Dick Zondag, Ralph Zondag, Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells. Four prehistoric dinosaurs are transported to modern day Manhattan where they get mixed up in the plight of Louie, a runaway boy and Cecilia, a poor little rich girl.

181. BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM (12/25/93) Warner Bros. 76 mins. D: Eric Radomski, Bruce Timm. A mysterious phantom is executing aging mobsters and Batman is suspected.


182. MEGAZONE 23 PART ONE (2/2/94) Streamline Pictures (Japan). 80 mins. D: Noburu Ishiguro. A teenager finds a super motocycle and uncovers a government conspiracy.

183. MEGAZONE 23 PART TWO (2/2/94) Streamline Pictures (Japan). 60 mins. D: Tosihiro Hirano. Teenager discovers that his whole life, and everyone of Earth, has been living in a space ship enroute to a revived planet Earth which was wiped out decades earlier.

184. THUMBELINA (3/30/94) Warner Bros. 94 mins. D: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman. Little Thumbelina tries to find others her size, but encounters many odd creatures including a love-sick toad, a michievious beetle and a spinster field mouse.

185. GREAT CONQUEST: THE ROMANCE OF THREE KINGDOMS (4/21/94) Streamline Pictures (Japan) 118 mins. D: Mashahara Okuwaki. When the Han Dynasty collapses in the 2nd century A.D. and China splits into three rival tyrannical kingdoms, Liu Pei and his allies begin a popular revolution to reunite China under a new dynasty.

186. THE PRINCESS AND THE GOBLIN (6/3/94) Hemdale (Hungarian) 82 mins. D: Jozsef Gemes. Princess Irene meets young Curdi, a miner’s son, who has learned that underground goblins are plotting to seize the kingdom.

187. THE LION KING (6/15/94) Disney. 88 mins. D: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff. Evil lion Scar kills lion King Mufasa and dupes his young cub Simba into leaving the Pride Lands. Simba, along with companions Timon and Pumbaa, returns as an adult to confront his destiny. Re-released in Imax format 12/25/02

swan princess
The Swan Princess


188. A TROLL IN CENTRAL PARK (10/7/94) Warner Bros. 76 mins. D: Don Bluth. Gary Goldman. An insecure troll named Stanley, banished to New York’s Central Park, befriends two lonely children. Their work to beautify the park angers evil Queen Gnorga

189. THE SWAN PRINCESS (11/18/94) New Line. 90 mins. D: Richard Rich. Prince Derek and Princess Odette, destined to marry, are separated by an evil enchanter, Rothbart, who turns Odette into a swan.

190. THE PAGEMASTER (11/24/94) 20th Century Fox. 75 mins. (partial live action) Live action D: Joe Johnston, Animation D: Maurice Hunt. Frightened boy is transformed into a cartoon and transported into a world of books, led by talking books of Horror, Fantasy and Adventure.


191. THE WINGS OF HONNEAMISE: ROYAL SPACE FORCE (3/10/95) Tara (Japan) 125 mins. D: Hiroyuki Yamaga. The preparation of Shiro Lhadatt, the first astronaut of a mythical asian county, and it’s first space launch.

192. A GOOFY MOVIE (4/7/95) Disney. 78 mins. D: Kevin Lima. Goofy attempts to bond with his son, Max, via a cross country road trip – a trip filled with adventures, culminating at a rock concert in L.A.

193. THE PEBBLE AND THE PENGUIN (4/12/95) MGM/UA 74 mins. D: Uncredited (known to be Don Bluth). Hubie the penguin falls in love with lovely Marina, but his rival, the evil Drake, sweeps him out to sea. Hubie’s trek home, with comic companion Rocko, is fraught with dangers.

194. POCAHONTAS (6/23/95) Disney. 81 mins. D: Eric Goldberg, Mike Gabriel. American native girl Pocahontas meets English captain John Smith and they fall in love. The relations between the natives and the Jamestown settlers are strained when Smith takes responsibility for a death of a tribesman.

195. SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA (8/20/95) Tara (Japan) 109 mins. D: Osamu Dezaki. Cobra, a space pirate, joins forces with Jane Flower, a bounty hunter, to rescue her sisters from the Mafia Guild and Cobra’s archrival, the Crystal Boy.

196. ARABIAN NIGHT (8/25/95) Miramax. 72 mins. D: Richard Williams. Evil magician ZigZag has eyes for Princess Yum Yum and her father’s kingdom, and plots to have them both with the help of a flea-bitten thief and a horde of loutish monsters.

197. TOY STORY (11/22/95) Disney. 81 mins. D: John Lasseter. (computer animation) The toys in Andy’s room are fearful of being replaced when the boy receieves a Buzz Lightyear action figure. Woody’s plan to get rid of Buzz backfires and they find themselves lost in the world outside of Andy’s room.

198. GUMBY THE MOVIE (12/8/95) Arrow. D: Art Clokey. Episodic tale begins when Gumby’s dog is kidnapped by the evil Blockheads. The bad guys soon replace all of Gumby’s pals with robotic clones. Gumby battles the baddies through various storybook settings, including a Star Wars spoof.

199. BALTO (12/22/95) Universal. 74 mins. D: Simon Wells. Balto is an outcast Alaskan sled dog, half-breed (part husky, part wolf) who is vying for the affection of Jenna, a beautiful husky belonging to a little girl taken ill. When Balto’s rival, bringing medicine, gets lost Balto leads the team through various perils to complete the mission.


giant peach
James And The Giant Peach


200. ROUJIN-Z (OLD MAN Z) (1/5/96) Kit Parker Films (Japan) 80 mins. D: Hiroyuki Kitabuko. Elderly Mr. Takazawa is linked to an experimental hospital bed, which soon empowers him and goes on a rampage.

201. JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (4/12/96) Disney. 80 mins. (partial live action / stop-motion puppets) D: Henry Selick. Young orphan boy, forced to live with two eccentric aunts, escapes to take a journey on a giant peach. He is accompanied by a variety of talking insects on his adventure at sea and in New York City.

202. GHOST IN THE SHELL (3/29/96) Manga (Japan) 81 mins. D: Mamoru Oshii. A virtual computer terrorist known as the “Puppet Master” decides it’s an independent life-form and demands a physical body.

203. ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN 2 (3/29/96) MGM/UA. 82 mins. D: Larry Leker, Paul Sebella. Deceased dogs Charlie and Itchy, living the high life in pooch heaven, are assigned to retrieve Gabriel’s Horn, which has fallen back to Earth in a bungled burglary. Meanwhile, evil mutt Carface and demonic Red concoct a wild scheme to keep all dogs penned inside Alcatraz.

204. HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (6/21/96) Disney. 86 mins. D: Kirk Wise, Gary Trousdale. Victor Hugo’s tale of Quasimodo, banished to a life in the belltower of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. The hunchback falls in love with Esmeralda, a gypsy girl, whom is also the desire of evil Minister Frollo.

205. TENCHI MUYO IN LOVE (8/16/96) Pioneer (Japan) 95 mins. D: Hiroshi Negishi. A villian named Kain destroys Galaxy Police headquarters with a power so strong it can warp time and space. Tenchi and friends take a trip back in time to the 1970s.

206. SPACE JAM (11/15/96) Warner Bros. (partial live action) 87 mins. Live action D: Joe Pytka. Animation D: Bruce W. Smith, Tony Cervone. Real life sports hero, Michael Jordan stars as himself as he comes to the rescue of Warner Bros. cartoon characters(Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc.) who must win a life or death basketball game against alien life-forms.

207. BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD DO AMERICA (12/20/96) Paramount. D: Mike Judge. Animation Director: Yvette Kaplan. The misadventures of two clueless teenagers, who leave home in search of their beloved TV set.


cats don't dance
Cats Don’t Dance


208. CATS DON’T DANCE (3/26/97) Warner Bros. 76 mins. D: Mark Dindal. Danny, a song and dance cat from Indiana, comes to Hollywood in the 1930s and quickly learns that movieland animals are treated like second class citizens.

209. HERCULES (6/27/97) Disney. 93 mins. D: John Musker, Ron Clements. Hercules, part God, part mortal, sets out to prove himself a hero, much to the dismay of Hades. With the help of Phil (a satyr, his trainer) and love-interest Meg, Hercules battles numerous demons and becomes a star.

210. SWAN PRINCESS II: ESCAPE FROM CASTLE MOUNTAIN (7/18/97) Legacy. 71 mins. D: Rich Rich. Princess Odette returns as a swan to save her Prince, when evil Clavius, whose plot to rule the world with a globe-sized Orb, gains the powers of the Forbidden Arts.

211. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING (8/22/97) Legacy. 75 mins. D: Clive Smith. Pippi, awaiting her father’s return from the sea, guards her dad’s precious gold coins from a pair of bumbling crooks. A Nelvana Production.

212. AARON’S MAGIC VILLAGE (9/19/97) Avalanche (German-French-Israel). 80 mins. D: Albert Hanan Kaminski, Buzz Potamkin. Based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s “Stories For Children”, orphan Aaron comes to the foolish town of Chelm, and saves it from an evil sorcerer and his Golem.

213. ANASTASIA (11/21/97) 20th Century-Fox. 94 mins. D: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman. An orphan named Anya, hoping to find out her true identity, teams up with two rougues, Dinitri and Vladimir, who hope to groom the girl to pass as royalty.


214. QUEST FOR CAMELOT (5/26/98) Warner Bros. 85 mins. D: Frederik Du Chau. Outsted knight of the round table, Ruber, plots to steal the legendary sword Excalibur. When the sword is lost in the forest, Ruber begins an all-out search but is foiled by Kayley, daughter of one of the knights, Garrett a blind warrior and a goofy two headed dragon.

The Rugrats Movie


215. THE MIGHTY KONG (5/29/98) Legacy. 78 mins. D: Art Scott. Animated musical version of King Kong story with Jodi Benson as Ann Darrow and songs by the Sherman brothers.

216. MULAN (6/25/98) Disney. 88 mins. D: Barry Cook, Tony Bancroft. Based on a Chinese folk tale, a daring young girl risks everything by joining the army disguised as a man, in place of her ailing father.

217. I MARRIED A STRANGE PERSON (10/28/98) Lion’s Gate. 72 mins. D: Bill Plympton. A man develops supernatural powers which make anything he imagines become reality.

218. ANTZ (10/2/98) Dreamworks. 83 mins. D: Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson. Insignificant ant named Z explores the world outside his underground city, and becomes a hero to his colony.

219. RUDOLPH, THE RED NOSED REINDEER (11/ /98) Legacy. 83 mins. D: Bill Kowalchuck. Cruel villainess Stormella unleashes severe weather to disrupt Santa’s yearly trip. Rudolph arrives to save the day.

220. A BUGS LIFE (11/20/98) Disney-Pixar. 96 mins. D: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton. Ant colony, threatened by grasshopper, enlists the aid of seven defenders — actually flea circus performers mistaken for heroes.

221. THE RUGRATS MOVIE (11/25/98) Paramount. 79 mins. D: Norton Virgien, Igor Kovalyov. The rugrats gang, including newly arrived brother Dil, get lost in the woods when they take a ride in the Reptar Wagon, created by papa Stu.

222. THE PRINCE OF EGYPT (12/18/98) Dreamworks. 97 mins. D: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner, Simon Wells. Animated Book of Exodus, tells the story of Moses and Rameses, the burning bush and the parting of the Red Sea in spectacular style.


223. THE KING AND I (3/19/99) Warner Bros. 90 mins. D: Richard Rich. An animated version of the Rogers and Hammerstein Broadway musical. Anna, a British school teacher, arrives in Siam to teach the King’s children but finds her dealings with his highness her greatest challenge.

224. DOUG’S 1st MOVIE (3/26/99) Disney. 81 mins. D: Maurice Joyce. Youngster Doug finds himself caught between saving the endangered “monster” of polluted Lucky Duck Lake and his burning desire to take girl friend Patti to the school dance.

225. TARZAN (6/18/99) Disney. 88 mins. D: Kevin Lima, Chris Buck. Based on the story by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan, raised by apes in African jungle, meets female counterpart and battles human and animal foes.

226. SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT (6/30/99) Paramount/Warner Bros. 80 mins. D: Trey Parker. Third graders Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny attend the R-rated movie version of TV favorites Terrace and Philip (in “Asses Of Fire”). The bad language gleamed from the movie causes parents of South Park community to rally and “Blame Canada”.

227. IRON GIANT (8/6/99) Warner Bros. 86 mins. D: Brad Bird. Giant robot from outer space crashes to Earth and is befriended by lonely little boy.

228. PERFECT BLUE (10/8/99) Manga (Japan) 80 mins. D: Satoshi Kon. When a female pop star switches her career to acting, she becomes stalked by a killer and questions her sanity when her nightmares become real.

229. PRINCESS MONONOKE (10/29/99) Miramax (Japan) 133 mins. D: Hayao Miyazaki. A girl raised by wolves joins forces with forest gods against humans who threaten her wooded domain.

230. POKEMON THE FIRST MOVIE: MEWTWO STRIKES BACK (11/12/99) Warner Bros. (Japan) 75 mins. D: Kunihiko Yuyama. Mutated Pokemon creature invites Ash and other Pokemon trainers to island competition in effort to conquer the world.

Fantasia 2000


231. TOY STORY 2 (11/24/99) Disney-Pixar. 92 mins. D: John Lasseter, Ash Brannon, Lee Unkrich. When Woody is accidentally sold in a garage sale, Buzz and the toys attempt to rescue him from toy collector who plans to ship him to Japan.
Grossed over: $245,024,222.

232. FANTASIA 2000 (12/31/99) Disney. 75 mins. D:Gaetan Brizzi, Paul Brizzi, Hendel Butoy, Francis Glebas, Eric Goldberg, Susan Goldberg, Pixote Hunt. Seven new animated sequences set to classical music, plus “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from FANTASIA (1940). The new scenes are Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5”, Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue”, Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite” and “Pomp And Circumstance” starring Donald Duck as Noah’s helper. Also: “Pines Of Rome”, “Steadfast Tin Soldier”(Piano Concerto No. 2), and “Carnival Of The Animals”. Originally released in Imax format. Re-released theatrically in digital format and 35mm film on 6/16/00.


233. SINBAD: BEYOND THE VEIL OF MISTS (1/28/00) Trimark Pictures. D: Evan Ricks & Alan Jacobs. (Computer animation & Motion Capture) When an evil wizard exchanges bodies with the King, the Princess joins Sinbad to find a way to reverse the spell.

234. THE TIGGER MOVIE (2/11/00) Disney. 77 mins. D: Jun Falkenstein. Tigger seeks out other members of his family tree, only to discover that his true family are his loyal friends.

235. KIRIKOU AND THE SORCERESS (2/18/00) Artmattan Productions. (French) 70 mins. D: Michael Ocelot. Based on an African folk tale, baby Kirikou is born to challenge evil sorceress Karaba and save his village.

236. X (3/24/00) Manga (Japan) 98 mins. D: Rintaro. A mysterious entity, The Dragon of the Earth, threatens to destroy all human life. It can only be stopped by it’s counterpart, The Dragon of Heaven – and the aid of a reluctant teenager named Kamui.

237. THE ROAD TO EL DORADO (3/31/00) Dreamworks. 88 mins. D: Eric “Bibo” Bergeron & Don Paul. Two 17th century con-men accidentally stowaway on ship bound for the New World and follow a trail to a legendary city of gold, where they are mistaken for Gods. Grossed $50 million

238. DINOSAUR (5/19/00) Disney. 82 mins. D: Ralph Zondag and Eric Leighton. (computer grahics / partial live action) An iguanodon named Aladar is raised on island by family of lemurs. When meteors destroy their island, they join a group of lost dinosaurs on a trek through the desert to locate a hidden nesting ground. ($136.5 million US gross)

239. TITAN A.E. (6/16/00) 20th Century-Fox. 95 mins. D: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman. Fifteen years after Earth has been destroyed by alien race, the Drej, a young boy joins a group of surviving humans in search of the “Titan” spacecraft, the only hope to restore the human race.

chicken run
Chicken Run


240. CHICKEN RUN (6/21/00) Dreamworks. 85 mins. D: Peter Lord, Nick Park (stop-motion clay). The chickens of Tweedy’s Egg Farm try to escape their captivity, and Mrs. Tweedy’s new Chicken-Pot-Pie-Machine, with the help of an “flying hen” named Rocky. ($105.5 million US gross – 10/2)

241. THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE (6/30/00) Universal. 88 mins. D: Des McAnuff. (partial live action / computer animation). Former cartoon stars Rocky and Bullwinkle come out of retirement to help the FBI find villians Boris, Natasha and Fearless Leader — who have jumped from the cartoon world and into the “real world” with a plan to overtake the United States!

242. POKEMON THE MOVIE 2000 (7/21/00) Warner Bros. 100 mins. (Japan) D: Kunihiko Yuyama. Sub-title on screen “The Power Of One”. Pokmon trainer Ash confronts a powerful pokemon collector, Lawrence III, in a flying fortress, who is intent on capturing a rare pokemon sea beast who can destroy the world. Paired with short “Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure”. ($43.7 million US gross 10/2)

243. DIGIMON: THE MOVIE (10/6/00) 20th Century-Fox. 85 mins. (Japan) D: Takaaki Yamashita, Hisashi Nayayama & Masahiro Aizawa. Three shorts based on the Digimon TV series strung together to form a feature: #1- Youngsters Tai and T.K. hatch their first Digimon who wreak havoc in Tokyo. #2- Years later, Tai tries to defeat a Digimon who is taking control of the internet. #3- American DigiDestined battle a powerful Digimon who wants to return to his youth.

244.RUGRATS IN PARIS: THE MOVIE (11/17/00) Paramount. 78 mins. D: Stig Bergqvist & Paul Demeyer. In Paris, the Rugrats use a giant Reptar robot to rescue Chuckie’s dad from marrying an evil Euro theme park executive. Grossed $75,648,709 as of Feb. 22

245. THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE (12/15/00) Disney. 79 mins. D: Mark Dindal. Spolied Incan Emperor, transformed into a Llama, must befriend a peasant in order to get home and return to human form.Grossed $89 million, as of 5/8/02 A feature length documentary about the making of this film, THE SWEATBOX, was released 9/20/02.

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