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March 28, 2013 posted by Jerry Beck

The Bob Clampett Coloring Book

Get out your crayons! Today, courtesy of Aaron Higgins, who through his Retro Reprints archive of classic coloring books, is allowing me to share selected pages from this jaw-dropping 1963 Bob Clampett Coloring Book.


Clampett, my favorite cartoon director, was a master at licensing and exploiting his characters through toys and comic books. He was also quite good at promoting his name and likeness. Despite his numerous swipes at Walt Disney in his Beany and Cecil cartoons (and earlier Warner Bros. cartoons), Clampett must have looked to Disney as role model for animation success. If Disney (or even Walter Lantz) were becoming as famous as their creations – why not Bob Clampett? He had already introduced himself to the audience through his “appearance” in the opening titles of the Funday Funnies show.

Check out these selected pages from the coloring book, officially titled Bob Clampett TV Stars Pictures To Color. It’s a family affair with Clampett himself, Baby Ruthy, son Robbie, wife Sody and others in beautiful images drawn by Willie Ito. The complete coloring book is 82 pages and available for download through Aaron’s Retro Reprints page. Here are some of the highlights:

beany_cast_Page_01 beany_cast_Page_03 beany_cast_Page_04 beany_cast_Page_76
beany_cast_Page_23 beany_cast_Page_26 beany_cast_Page_27 beany_cast_Page_29

beany_cast_Page_30 beany_cast_Page_46 beany_cast_Page_47 beany_cast_Page_48

beany_cast_Page_50 beany_cast_Page_51 beany_cast_Page_55
beany_cast_Page_57 beany_cast_Page_63 beany_cast_Page_73 beany_cast_Page_74 beany_cast_Page_81


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