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“Birth Of A Notion” (1947)
April 1, 2015 posted by Devon Baxter

“Birth Of A Notion” (1947)

Now here’s a bona-fide laugh riot from the McKimson unit! Birth of a Notion was one of the last cartoons Bob Clampett was slated to direct in early 1945 before…

In His Own Words:  Bob McKimson
January 29, 2015 posted by Jim Korkis

In His Own Words: Bob McKimson

I’ve talked about animation legend Bob McKimson before on this site. McKimson was born in 1910 and passed away in 1977. He died from a massive heart attack while eating…

Commercial Grab Bag
August 9, 2014 posted by Mike Kazaleh

Commercial Grab Bag

Once again it’s no-theme day here at Cartoon Research, and we have a dazzling array of loose ends and leftovers for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to run into the…