May 11, 2013 posted by Jerry Beck

Schlesinger’s Exposure Sheet 1.5

We continue our close look at Leon Schlesinger Productions, circa 1939, with the fifth issue of their in-house newsletter, The Exposure Sheet.

In this edition, Friz Freleng returns, Treg Brown gets a new cutting room, and bios of John Burton, animator Bobe Cannon, painter Betty Brenon and inker Marjorie Dakin.

Click thumbnails below to enlarge – and enjoy!

exposure5-1 exposure5-2 exposure5-3 exposure5-4
exposure5-5 exposure5-6


  • Sounds as if Avery may have gotten the inspiration for “Screwball Football” from Bob Canon’s tale of trying to tackle the fullback.

  • Freleng would direct both Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes when he returned.
    I heard Bugs Hardaway left the studio and moved to Lantz because he got demoted to story once Freleng returned and took over his unit.

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