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The Many Programs of Go Nagai
August 25, 2013 posted by Fred Patten

The Many Programs of Go Nagai

It was the giant robot TV cartoons on Japanese-community TV channels that introduced Japanese anime to American fandom in 1977. Yuushu Raideen, UFO Senshi Dai Apolon, and Getta Robo G…

BOOK REVIEW: “The Noble Approach”
August 24, 2013 posted by Jerry Beck

BOOK REVIEW: “The Noble Approach”

We have here a strong candidate for ‘Animation Book of the Year’. I just received a copy of Tod Polson’s long awaited book on his mentor – animation layout master…

Animation Anecdotes  #124
August 23, 2013 posted by Jim Korkis

Animation Anecdotes #124

Earthquake Blanc. Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Yosemite Same, the Road Runner and four other Warner Brothers characters were recruited by the California Office of Emergency Services in 1977 for a…

Tex Avery’s “Lucky Ducky” (1948)
Animation History
August 19, 2013 posted by Jerry Beck

Tex Avery’s “Lucky Ducky” (1948)

Today we celebrate one of my favorite Tex Avery MGM cartoons – Lucky Ducky (originally released October 9th, 1948). It was a duck hunting cartoon (Porky’s Duck Hunt) eleven years…